Monday, January 16, 2012

Sankrathi - 2012's first festival

So we celebrated Sankrathi ... quite elaborately if I may add so myself. I surprised myself with well made "Yellu" (a mixture of peanuts, jaggary / sugar pieces, dry coconut, sesame seeds and roasted chana dal) BP and I made "Sakkare Achchu" (moulded sugar candies) as well. This process of making sakkare achchu takes quite some effort and I was glad to have BP's help.
We had invited few guests home for Sankrathi lunch. (including this person :) ) I made the following items:
Cabbage curry
Carrot Kosambari
Tomato Saaru
Badam Halwa

The guests arrived around 12:45 and by then I had all the items ready ... and wanted to serve Ambode (chanadal vadas) piping hot. So I suggested that they play a board of carrom while I prepared ambode. Everyone had just warmed up playing 2 boards when lunch was ready and we all ate together. We chatted for a while and promptly got back to business ... aka playing carrom. I trust we started playing around 3:30 ... and continued playing till almost 7:00pm. My initial plan was to go and give Yellu to few friends and family with the girls around 5:00...but the guests were fully immersed in the game and I had no heart to ask them to leave. So while some left around 7:00 .. others continued till about 8:30. So I postponed the "Yellu distribution" to monday. In all it was quite a fun Sankrathi . Oh yes... in between carrom sessions, I managed to dress up the girls in their new clothes :)


R's Mom said...

you cooked so much ALONE *Falls at feet* Thats such a lovely time na together with friends *touchwood*

Anonymous said...

Post some pictures :-)

cantaloupes.amma said...

@RM: yes ... my idea of festivals while growing up was listening to carnatic music very early in the morning, oil bath, good food, new clothes and day off from school :) Now my idea is totally different ... its more about fun ... never mind if its in cooking or playing or doing nothing :)

@Arthi: I have been pondering about posting pics for a long time now ... I think I will stick with no pics blog for some more time.

RS said...

Looks like a good Sankranthi - with good food and good company :) And am still relishing the yellu-bella and sakkare acchu at home...

My Era said...

Wow! you sure had a fantastic festival with lots of tasty food and good company :)
P.S. Loved the layout and especially your blog header :)

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

@RS: Enjoy the sakkare achchu / yellu as long as they last. We finished ours in 5 days straight.....

@My era: Welcome here....


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