Monday, January 24, 2011

Sisterly love

Cantaloupe busy playing by herself when she is interrupted by Junior. (Junior thinks being part of Cantaloupe's game is her right and the right way to be part of akka's game is to take away all the toys akka has neatly arranged)

Fearing all her toys / books arranged, Cantaloupe yells at Junior "Go away ... I don't want to play with you"

Junior comes running back to me with tears in her eyes ... "Amma akka said go away ... I want to play with akka"

I talk to akka and request her to include Junior in her game.

Next moment " Go away"

"But akka, I love you ... I want to play with you"

enough to melt my darling older daughter's heart and the next moment, both are hugging each other and falling over all the toys and collectively making a mess :)

ps: We rarely talk to Junior in English ... its a different story with akka though. The entire conversation above happened in English and I was pleasantly surprised at how Junior is forming sentences in English already.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What is keeping me busy these days


Bought it as a gift for my daughter ... but who is using it the most? I'd say its a stiff competition between me and BP.
But someone is not complaining .... she is only to happy to create her own shapes and not bother to solve the shapes suggested on the puzzle cards.

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