Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring time - 2011

Hello people ... lazy me wrote several posts (of course in my head) but never posted them in the WWW space.
No particular reasons ...

Cantaloupe's school reopened after Spring break. She had a week off and thoroughly enjoyed the same. Friday she said was particularly her favourite ... of course it was. Mommy took off from work and treated her to her favourite ice cream before driving to the library. Here again she selected her books (Rainbow magic series) and then we headed to Barnes and Nobles. Cantaloupe had won a gift card at the Science fair * conducted in her school. We spent a good hour and half here and all we did was check out various books (of course the Rainbow magic series). She picked the latest copy of the Rainbow fairies series for herself and an Earth day book for her sis. (she offered to buy her sister a book from the money "SHE" had earned at the science fair ... commendable na?? Both girls came out extremely happy out of the book store. ( a pat on my back : i never once influenced her decision on the book she wanted to buy, very unusual of me. I am the one who will research atleast a week in advance the day and time I will head out to buy the particular book in mind)
Once home, she headed to her favourite activity on friday evening : Gymnastics. On the way back, we ordered a spicy veggie pizza much to her excitement.
It was an enjoyable day spent with the girls ...

* Science Fair: Conducted Apr 2011 : Topic: Magnets
Cantaloupe learnt a lot about magnets as part of this ... the topic was chosen after much thought and seeing her love/ curiosity about fridge magnets.

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