Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lyrics in Kannada movies

"Akka nimmooralli nayi gu dance barutha?"**

My sister called and asked me listen to this song on youtube. The first time I listened to the lyrics, I couldn't believe my ears ... was I really hearing it right?? Sadly I was right ...

Gone are the days of "Mellusire savi gaana" ....

** translation: sister, do the dogs in your town dance as well?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

India trip

Things taken care:

* Tickets booked

Things to take care:

* Plan a family vacation on a date suitable for most - Herculean task I tell you ... considering ours is a biiiig family
* Buy gifts
* Decide on the days we are going to spend in B'lore / Mysore - tricky - considering BP's folks mostly live in B'lore an mine are in Mysore.
* Decide on whom we would be visiting - We certainly don't want to offend anyone ... but its practically impossible to visit every family.
* Decide on places to visit in and around B'lore / Mysore.
* Prepare a shopping list and stick to it :)

Things we hope to do:
* Have breakfast at Vidyarthi Bhavan in B'lore and GTR in Mysore (we have our priorities right ... its always food first)
* Visit the Planetarium in B'lore.
* Ride a 2-wheeler after almost 7 years ... is that pushing oneself too much ???
* "Joy" ice cream - Nuttie Delight
* Visit my grandma's house once - my grandma recently shifted from her house where she was staying alone to her kid's houses
* Buy a pair of anklets for self :)
* Get an extra pair of power cable for the "Shruthi Pettige"
* Climb up "Chamundi Betta" on foot
* Play a match of badminton with cousins

... and more. My parents and MIL are anxiously waiting for our arrival.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Is being involved in kid's routine uncool ??

This is the impression I am getting when talking to folks (mostly in office) and let me add most of these folks are dads.

When ever my colleagues asked me what my girl's latest mile stone was I'd gladly share the same with them. Being climbing up and using the slides independently at the local park or handling a monkey bar or recognizing the alphabets / numbers or learning new rhymes or showing interest in coloring ... whatever, I'd just share it as a matter of fact. Along the same lines, when asked during our last lunch out, I said, my girl now identifies flags of about 40 countries ... and that she was way ahead of her dad in the quiz to identify the flags.
I thought this was a neat achievement ... Junior has been showing interest in identifying flags lately and I thought as a mother I should encourage her. (she pesters me even now to look up more flags ... I am too lazy to do so).

But I was stunned by the reaction of my colleagues ... they thought I was a pushy mother and I was pressurizing my kids to learn things at a very young age. In fact one of them went to the extent of advising me to leave the kids alone. The other said, my daughter is about 4 now, and she barely knows her alphabets and numbers. She is having fun ... and went to give a Hi-fi to another colleague, as if to imply he was being cool. I asked him what are the things he has taught his daughter and he again insisted he was being cool by not teaching her and leaving it to his wife.

Really ???? Encouraging your kid's interest and being part of their routine is uncool ??? Since when??

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