Thursday, January 28, 2010

It feels so good...

... when you remember complete lyrics ... background music and tune of a Bollywood number last sung almost a decade back.

ps: The song in question: Chori Chori jab nazarein mili from Kareeb

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Junior Language

What do the following mean? (many in Kannada)


Ah well ... that Junior for you and the words called out are
Kannadaka (glasses in kannada)
Thota (meaning water)
Mane (house in kannada)
Haalu (milk)
Drakshi (grapes in Kannada)
Chikkappa (for "Chacha" in Hindi or Uncle)

Junior's speech has improved by leaps and bounds now .. she speaks in small sentences. Sentences of two - three words and manages to communicate almost everything she needs to. She even sings ... her favourite song being Jo Jo Laali Naa haduve. This was one of the songs my parents sang for me when I was a little girl and when she sings the same I can't stop myself from being flooded with memories of my childhood. She can also sing some Boney M songs ... Daddy cool being her current favourite. Of course she has her own versions of the song such as Mommy cool .... akka cool ..

Just want to put down her baby words before she outgrows them ....

Monday, January 18, 2010


You propose .... he accepts .... and then he cribs about the proposal.

I am talking about the business client ... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr .... I proposed requirements on a certain project and the guy signed off on requirements and we delivered the product to him and he complains requirements were never clear and complete.

My head hurts after a grueling 3 hrs meeting....

Saturday, January 9, 2010

A decade already ...

Yes ... Jan 3rd, 2000 ... the day dawned bright and sunny and early. My dad and me were in the best of spirits ... my dad's excitement multiple times more than mine. It was 7:30am and we were already in bus ... our company bus. It was my first day in my first job. Dad came to see my office and make sure his daughter was safe and was going to grow professionally in a great environment.
The induction program had dignitaries come and boost our confidence ... these were people we had seen on TV ... read about them in newspapers ... so it felt just surreal to see them in person. We were in training for the next 3.5 months. That when I met one of my bestest friend.
I still think it was destiny ... since I was a very reserved person, when was very outgoing. I sat in the last row of seats in our induction and she sat in the first row ... we passed out attendance sheet and it happened that she handed out the attendance sheet to me which led us having successive Employee numbers ... in turn leading to sharing the same cube and ending doing the same project. During the training period, we had our own gang ... 4 young women and 4 guys .... the women called themselves the GG gang. Each one of us had a carefully chosen nick name ... after training we all got assigned to various client projects. As luck would have it 3 (including me) from the gang ended in the same project. One from the gang got his Visa and flew to US. The others continued to meet ... but not so often anymore. But the GG gang stuck.
And then I got married and moved to US ... but continued to work for the same company and kept in touch for sometime. But professional assignments and personality changes led to the gang slowly disintegrating. But I continued to be in touch with my miracle friend. Now she is the only one I am in touch with ...
Its been a decade of my professional life and its also been 10 years since I have found a great friend. Here is to many more years of professional success and even more years of friendship ! Cheers !

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

In a dilemma ...

I had signed up to participate in a drama for a community event in december without reading the script. Big mistake ... the script is out and the drama is not remotely funny when it is supposed to be humorous.
The drama script is written by a friend's husband ... I desperately want to back out now unless the script changes. Can't make a fool of myself being part of this "Master piece" ... oh wait ... may be I won't be making myself a fool because there will be no one paying attention or even better no audience.

Do I risk offending the friend and speak the truth and back out OR should I come up with some stupid reason and back out?

Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 begins with

taste of 3 different desserts .... Pineapple pastry , Mango Moose and Plum Cake (baked by your truly)
Need I add it felt great !

There was also Dumb Charades .... lot of challenging movies were conquered ... Tuglaq, Muniyana Maadari, Olu Saar Olu, Manasaare, Ita Lakadi, Aptabaandhava were some interesting ones leading to great comic moments ;)

We welcomed the new year with much enthusiasm ... hope the year brings out some warm moments and smiles in our life.

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