Friday, May 27, 2011

My dad likes Badminton ... my sister likes my dad

My mommy likes "Free Time" ... *gasp* (Really??????)
But most importantly they all love ME !!!

This was the note on Cantaloupe's class door (displayed during open house) .... where each student was asked to write about their family "Likes"

It was for the entire world to see what mommy likes ....

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Vinova milk and Mandori raaga

We are driving to school with classical music playing in the background. (B Jayashree)

Junior: I want Naat raaga
(said raaga playing in the background)

J: Naata aada mele Mandori barutte
(after Naata, Mandori raaga will come)

Me: yes.. it is Mandaari :)

J: Amma which raaga is this?
Me: Begade
J: Ade nanna room idyalla Melgade (oh ... my room is top floor ... top floor = Melgade)
Me: ROFL .. It is Begade not Melgade
J: Are you sure? (in English)

J (listening to Kande Na Govinda na song) : Oh ide... snaana time (oh this is bath time)
Me : what? (suddenly light bulb flashes ... we say Govinda, end of bath)


J: I want Vinova
Me: What??
J: New Vinova
Me: What is that???
Cantaloupe: She means Vanilla milk


Cantaloupe has split her button collection and calls out
C: Sis,.... I need help
J: Rescue Ranger on the way
Me: WHAT???

Monday, May 16, 2011

And I had tears of joy in my eyes ...

* Was it the "Mother's pride" seeing her daughter confidently singing on stage ... OR
* Was it beautiful lyrics of the song which goes something like "It doesn't matter what color you are .... you always have a dream" .... OR
* Was it the joy of easily identifying my daughter's voice among 80+ other kids from her school during their musical performance ... OR
* Was it because of the bubbling enthusiasm the younger displayed on seeing her sister on stage .... OR
* Was it because parents and teachers came out and praised my daughter for her singing abilities .... OR
* Was it because the way my two little girls hugged each other and celebrated the performance, even as others around them looked on ... OR
* Was it the way the little one ran to her akka and the older one held her hand and led her to her class, all the way introducing her sister to all her classmates ... OR
* Was it the confidence with which my little one greeted the teacher, shelling out her inhibitions ...

Whatever it was .... the day Cantaloupe gave her musical performance was just magical.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend maja

The weekend went by in a blink... but I thoroughly enjoyed it this time. And whats more, accomplished few tasks as well ...

Karadi rhymes has inspired me from the first time I heard it. I always encourage Cantaloupe to incorporate it in her curriculum ... like the other time, when we had to recite a poem about Food ... what better one that the Onion Sambar song on Karadi . Similarly she had to sing a silly song, and I thought "Monkeys" song was just perfect.
So, now there is an International Night coming up at school, and I wanted Cantaloupe to participate in it. Gathered few kids who wanted to participate and we parents were discussing on the performance that the kids should put up. Someone suggested, bollywood dance ... I cringed. Folk dance said another parent... and I pointed out we had exactly 10 days to prepare and getting 6-7yr olds to perform for an entire folk dance would be difficult. I suggested a dance drama .... ofcourse one where I could use ample Karadi music :) I wrote the script for the act (a panchatantra story).... narrowed Karadi songs. The kids had their first practice on saturday ... and they looked cute putting up the act.
I think it is completely age appropriate. Last year, they had sung Vande Maataram and I heard a lot of parents come up to me appreciating the choice. Pls wish me luck ... I have much recording / audio mixing / editing to do .... pls wish me luck.

Mother's day went off quite nice .... woke up to both girls wishing me "Happy mother's day". BP had masala tea ready (he prepares tea every morning) ... and had a long leisure shower. (now thats luxury, in case you didn't know). BP had breakfast ready. (toast in case you cared to know) ... and even vacuumed the house. Then he headed out for his badminton game ... while the girls and I played for sometime, before we had our afternoon siesta. Woke up and went to the mall since BP had to pick up his contact lens ... and went straight to Cold stone. (of course I had Coffee lover's special) Dinner was at my sister's place ... well laid out Karnataka style food. (Bisibelebhath, Majjige Huli, Saaru, Kosambari, Jamoon, Mosaranna). My girls and my nephew wished "Happy Mother's Day" atleast once every 2 mins .. :)

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