Monday, January 30, 2012

Sandwich story

Setting: Office Lunch

Lunch Items: Soda, Bottled Water, Sandwich, Chips, Cookie

- There are about 5 vegetarians and 10 non vegetarians in the group.
- No preference of sandwich option is taken.

Once the food is laid out ... some "SMART" people start holding conversation close to the food table. Once it is announced that folks should help themselves with lunch, rest folks start gathering. "SMART" people have already collected their food by now. Vegetarians find no options .... ALL the sandwiches are taken. They had ordered about 7 veggie sandwiches and 12 non veggie sandwiches. But the non vegetarians wanted the veggie ones today and just helped themselves.

I have seen the above situation quite a few times. I think it shows lack of planning on the part of the person who ordered food. I'd have liked that the person collected the preferences of individuals (there were only 15) and ordered accordingly. Also the food could be marked with the names of folks, so everyone got to eat. But in above situations vegetarians were left hungry.

What would you do in the above situation if you were:
a) Vegetarian
b) Ate meat

What I did ?? Well, I was the only lucky vegetarian to get a sandwich (which was halfed). I noticed that other vegetarians had not got any ... so I offered one of my sandwich to another veggie guy. Sure, I was still hungry after eating half sandwich.


On a completely different note, heard this song?
I don't know if I like it or not ... but I have been humming it ever since I heard it.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Discovery India for Pre-schoolers

Junior's school is celebrating "Small World" week from tomorrow. Parents are invited to explain about their country for pre-schoolers. And I signed up for the same without much planning ... after all I grew up in India and could very well speak about my home country. Boy ... how wrong was I !! Its very tricky coming up with concepts for 3 year olds .... really.

So far, I have come up with Indian flag ... festivals of India ... National Bird / Animal. I am unsure what else would be relevant for 3 year olds from across the globe. (there are Chinese, Taiwanese, French, American, Japanese, German kids in Junior's class) The presentation is supposed to be for 10 mins .. Ideas plsssssssssssss ....

The presentation went quite well ... thank you all for the wonderful ideas. I prepared slides for Indian flag / map, festivals, vacation spots, food, dances and taught the kids to say "Namaste". I also had a slide which showed personal pics of us as a family celebrating festivals. A true winner with the kids :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Sankrathi - 2012's first festival

So we celebrated Sankrathi ... quite elaborately if I may add so myself. I surprised myself with well made "Yellu" (a mixture of peanuts, jaggary / sugar pieces, dry coconut, sesame seeds and roasted chana dal) BP and I made "Sakkare Achchu" (moulded sugar candies) as well. This process of making sakkare achchu takes quite some effort and I was glad to have BP's help.
We had invited few guests home for Sankrathi lunch. (including this person :) ) I made the following items:
Cabbage curry
Carrot Kosambari
Tomato Saaru
Badam Halwa

The guests arrived around 12:45 and by then I had all the items ready ... and wanted to serve Ambode (chanadal vadas) piping hot. So I suggested that they play a board of carrom while I prepared ambode. Everyone had just warmed up playing 2 boards when lunch was ready and we all ate together. We chatted for a while and promptly got back to business ... aka playing carrom. I trust we started playing around 3:30 ... and continued playing till almost 7:00pm. My initial plan was to go and give Yellu to few friends and family with the girls around 5:00...but the guests were fully immersed in the game and I had no heart to ask them to leave. So while some left around 7:00 .. others continued till about 8:30. So I postponed the "Yellu distribution" to monday. In all it was quite a fun Sankrathi . Oh yes... in between carrom sessions, I managed to dress up the girls in their new clothes :)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Gift handling - tip requested

What would you do if you were gifted very very generously from someone unexpected ????
Folks ... pls respond.

A guest we invited for our house warming gifted us very very generously ... the types you would gift for very very close circle. The said person is not really very close. BP and I didn't know what we should do ... infact BP felt that the said person (a young bachelor) is perhaps unaware of the gifting amounts and we should call him and return the gift. I thought that would not go very well with the gifter. (is that a word??? ... gifter / giftee hahha)

What would you do?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year - 2012

Happy New Year everyone ...

2011 was eventful .... simply loved the last 2 weeks of 2011 :) Both girls were home ... winter break at school and we had office shut down for a week. BP took off in between for few days. So spent the time home with family. It was relaxing... just lazing around, with no morning rush... no evening madness.
Girls woke up most days before us and hopped on our bed and tried to wake us up. (though we managed to sleep) Some days they were good and just quietly read a book snuggling in our blanket ... other days they played with their doctor set. And yet some days they did what most siblings do .... "Argue" :)

We also managed to have lots of family game times .... I'd say atleast 3 board games a day. If Cantaloupe insisted on scrabble junior would insist on Chutes and Ladders. We also discovered some new board games... much to our delight. Some days BP and I played the board games till late night just so it was more challenging !!

Watched few movies too ... Don 2, Kannada Movie ... watched the India - Australia test match.
BP set up the new storage area. He managed to build the base and assemble the entire storage unit by himself ... all in less than 2 days ... hats off to him. (the store guy had advised that assembling the unit might prove tricky for inexperienced folks)

And oh ... I also had this policy of cooking 1 special item per day. Some new recipes were tried.... along with other family favorites.

Cantaloupe finally got her new bed. She had been using the guest bed for sometime now .... finally the girls have settled in their room and they love it. The night we set the bed for Cantaloupe, the girls said their good nights and Junior turned to her sister and said "Akka, now we can discuss .. " I wondered what Junior needed to discuss with her akka in the absence of parents ... but anyways :)

We also went snow tubing ... awesome experience. It was even better since we didn't have to drive for too long... just about an hour and 15 mins and the rates were reasonble too. We also finally have a tenant for our old house, who will be moving in this month. Fingers crossed there ... this will be our first renting experience.

School / office routine resumed today ... looking forward to an exciting 2012 !!

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