Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year - 2012

Happy New Year everyone ...

2011 was eventful .... simply loved the last 2 weeks of 2011 :) Both girls were home ... winter break at school and we had office shut down for a week. BP took off in between for few days. So spent the time home with family. It was relaxing... just lazing around, with no morning rush... no evening madness.
Girls woke up most days before us and hopped on our bed and tried to wake us up. (though we managed to sleep) Some days they were good and just quietly read a book snuggling in our blanket ... other days they played with their doctor set. And yet some days they did what most siblings do .... "Argue" :)

We also managed to have lots of family game times .... I'd say atleast 3 board games a day. If Cantaloupe insisted on scrabble junior would insist on Chutes and Ladders. We also discovered some new board games... much to our delight. Some days BP and I played the board games till late night just so it was more challenging !!

Watched few movies too ... Don 2, Kannada Movie ... watched the India - Australia test match.
BP set up the new storage area. He managed to build the base and assemble the entire storage unit by himself ... all in less than 2 days ... hats off to him. (the store guy had advised that assembling the unit might prove tricky for inexperienced folks)

And oh ... I also had this policy of cooking 1 special item per day. Some new recipes were tried.... along with other family favorites.

Cantaloupe finally got her new bed. She had been using the guest bed for sometime now .... finally the girls have settled in their room and they love it. The night we set the bed for Cantaloupe, the girls said their good nights and Junior turned to her sister and said "Akka, now we can discuss .. " I wondered what Junior needed to discuss with her akka in the absence of parents ... but anyways :)

We also went snow tubing ... awesome experience. It was even better since we didn't have to drive for too long... just about an hour and 15 mins and the rates were reasonble too. We also finally have a tenant for our old house, who will be moving in this month. Fingers crossed there ... this will be our first renting experience.

School / office routine resumed today ... looking forward to an exciting 2012 !!


R's Mom said...

Thats a lovely two weeks spent..nothing to beat board games with kiddos na...

you have been missing from the blogging scene for a long time..2012 mein come back okie?

Wishing you all a very very Happy New Year :)

RS said...

Sounds like a wonderful end to the new year!

Hosa varushada haarthika shubhashayagaLu! :-D

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

@R's mom: I have been lazy in 2011 ... hopefully will be more enthusiastic about blogging this year... need to take few tips from you in this regards :))

@RS: Nimagoo Hosa Varshada ShubhashayagaLu :)

smartassbride said...

hey happy new year! and lol @ junior wanting to discuss stuff with her sis alone. must be beeg secrets :D

Rohini Kishore said...

Hi!. Lovely to read ur blog. I was disappointed to see no updates in 2011. I am a Kannadiga settled in Hyd and had two girls recently - twins. I am curious to know ur daugther's names - abt which u had mentioned in ur previous blogs. Do share it in my id Rohini.kkishore@gmail.com if u don't mind. I also love the way u handle ur life.. working, two kids, nice to ur husband, diligent cook and homemaker.. wud love to know more abt u....

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

@SAB : Junior and her secrets ...* rolls eye* ... her biiiiig secret she once told me "Amma, I am now 3 yrs old, I am a big girl" ... ;)

@Rohini: Pls check you mail :)


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