Friday, February 4, 2011

Hungama Hungama

For what ???

For "Yellow" oranges to be given to her highness and not the regular "Orange" oranges...

ps: Cantaloupe later explained to us stumped parents, that her sister meant lemons :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Yet another surprise ...

Junior enjoys reading with me ... I often read to her ... I have prepared my own slides of fruits, flowers , colors, alphabets , shapes and the like and she loves to sit with me and read. She identifies 10 countries by their flag ... and thats enough for me to think I have a genius of a child .. anyways I digress.

Yesterday Cantaloupe and I were working on a fuse beads project for a prop she was going to use at school, and BP was loading the dishwasher and Junior was sitting her favorite Dora coloring book and a lone crayon. (we were too lazy... sorry busy to get her the crayon box and she just picked one random crayon you can so easily find in every room of our house)
And all of a sudden Junior announces "Appa I wrote A ... Amma .. akka I have wrote A". Stumped by what we heard, we rush to see what she has written and it is indeed A ... the cutest A very possible :) (whatever that means). BP thinks its mere coincidence that what she was scribbling resembled letter A and asks her to write it again ... and she goes "One line ... Two line ... Three Line ... there A"
I simple couldn't believe what I saw. What followed was a long video recording / photo session followed by a crayon box reward :) She has been busy since last night just coloring ... while akka was proud of her sister initially, once the crayon set was given out to Junior, it wasn't pretty anymore :(

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