Monday, June 23, 2008

Junior turns 1 month

A landmark is successfully crossed ... Junior turned 1 month few days back. This month just flew by ...

* She has successfully survived Cantaloupes' roughness. Cantaloupe has lifted her head with a single hand couple of times, managed to stick Junior's legs in the crib's railings, woken Junior over a dozen times a day with her loud voice.

* Junior now smiles by herself ... sometimes responds with a huge smile to us as well.

* She has gotten into a pattern ... feeds every 2 hrs during the day and 3-4 hrs once in the night.

* She seems to enjoy her oil massages and bath.

* She has been following objects /us 360 degree from day 8. Its one game we all play with her. We just circle around her to see her eyes follow us :)

* She listens to the tanpura(shruthi pettige) for a couple of mins.

* She is an early bird... is up by 4:30-5:00am ...coos and smiles until 6:30am and promptly goes back to sleep after a feed around 6:30am.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Scene 1:

Cantaloupe comes to mommy few days (read 10 days) after Junior is born and inquisitely asks
C (cantaloupe) : Mommy was Junior the baby in your tummy?
CA: Yes Honey ... isn't she lovely?
C: But why is your tummy still big? Do you have any more babies in there ??
CA: (gasping) No dear ... no more babies
(CA to self) : Is she scared of another baby hogging the lime light ???
Alas! I cannot postpone the exercises to get back to shape ...


Scene 2:
C (Looking very thoughtfully at me nursing Junior): Mommy ... why is she kissing your chest?
CA: She is not kissing dear ... I am feeding her.
C (looking ever closer) : So thats the straw she uses to get her milk ??
CA: (wishing I could hide someplace to avoid further questions) Why don't we color your sketch book dear??

Monday, June 2, 2008

New Life style

BP started going to office from today. He had taken a break for 2 weeks after Junior was born. We had already stopped school for Cantaloupe early May. While BP and I are debating still over sending Cantaloupe back to school, we both agree that it is perhaps her only chance to stay home and the best time to bond with Junior. (she starts kindergarden next year)

The last 2 weeks have been quite eventful with lots of changes in our life style. But to have BP around made it all easier. Now with BP starting work, I was quite nervous this morning. Cantaloupe has been super excited since the arrival of Junior. But she is yet to realise how gentle she needs to be with Junior. We have already faced a couple of shocks ... like the time she escaped our glance and went to lift Junior from her bed all by herself, and the time she wanted to remove the blanket wrapped around Junior. So me, BP and mom make sure we are around when Cantaloupe is with Junior. (Sorry honey ... you still have to gain our confidence before we leave your little sister at your mercy)

BP left as usual around 8:30am to work. Breakfast and bath time went smoothly ... thanks to my mom. Around noon, mom and I were chatting when Cantaloupe came up with her hands / legs /clothes all coloured and said innocently "Mom, come I will show you my handwriting" . She had painted her hand and imprints of the same on a book (handwriting in her sense for you!!) She had managed to paint her entire dress, requiring mom to give her a second bath.

Cantaloupe took her afternoon nap with me. She had not slept with me for almost 2 weeks (we were scared of her kicks and my stiches) It felt so blissful to have both my daughters beside me for the first time.

Mom dressed up Junior in one of the handed down outfits of Cantaloupe. It was a light green hooded shirt. Aparently Cantaloupe did not like the hood, so pulled the hood from the head when mom and me freaked out to see junior lying on her tummy. (all it took was few seconds for Cantaloupe to find the right opportunity). The little one showed no sign of anger or pain ... thankfully she is ok.

There have been other small incidents on day 1 ... but overall I think me and the girls did ok.

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