Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Scene 1:

Cantaloupe comes to mommy few days (read 10 days) after Junior is born and inquisitely asks
C (cantaloupe) : Mommy was Junior the baby in your tummy?
CA: Yes Honey ... isn't she lovely?
C: But why is your tummy still big? Do you have any more babies in there ??
CA: (gasping) No dear ... no more babies
(CA to self) : Is she scared of another baby hogging the lime light ???
Alas! I cannot postpone the exercises to get back to shape ...


Scene 2:
C (Looking very thoughtfully at me nursing Junior): Mommy ... why is she kissing your chest?
CA: She is not kissing dear ... I am feeding her.
C (looking ever closer) : So thats the straw she uses to get her milk ??
CA: (wishing I could hide someplace to avoid further questions) Why don't we color your sketch book dear??


~nm said...

Hahah! Too cute!

I'm sure more such conversations are going to come! Keep posting them for us :)

So hows you and the baby doing?

Aryan said...

Yet to hear more now

Rohini said...

Adorable! Can especially say that since I didn't have to answer those questions ;-)

Poppins said...

Hilarious !! Esp the straw bit:)

Preethi said...

hahahahah!! Straw eh??!!!

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

@nm: Pls pray for me ... the conversations are funny agreed, but they are hard to be answered :(

@Aryan's mom: Lesser of these talks pls :)

@rohini: Yep ...I would't mind if these conversations were not with me :)

@poppins / @preethi: Yep the straw part is rather a odd imagination ... guess what ... Cantaloupe further asked if she could try the straw :)

noon said...

Hah CA - very cute...and am glad I had KG before KB knew to ask such in depth questions! :)


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