Thursday, January 21, 2010

Junior Language

What do the following mean? (many in Kannada)


Ah well ... that Junior for you and the words called out are
Kannadaka (glasses in kannada)
Thota (meaning water)
Mane (house in kannada)
Haalu (milk)
Drakshi (grapes in Kannada)
Chikkappa (for "Chacha" in Hindi or Uncle)

Junior's speech has improved by leaps and bounds now .. she speaks in small sentences. Sentences of two - three words and manages to communicate almost everything she needs to. She even sings ... her favourite song being Jo Jo Laali Naa haduve. This was one of the songs my parents sang for me when I was a little girl and when she sings the same I can't stop myself from being flooded with memories of my childhood. She can also sing some Boney M songs ... Daddy cool being her current favourite. Of course she has her own versions of the song such as Mommy cool .... akka cool ..

Just want to put down her baby words before she outgrows them ....


Lakshmi said...

Very sweet. It is so amazing how suddenly they grow up and start giving speeches :)

AverageJane said...

Aww. Isn't she totally cute! "thota" for water in Kannada? I heard that one for the first time even if that is a kiddy word. And LOL'ing at Daddy cool, amma cook, akka cool etc. :) We need recordings on the blog now. :)

starry eyed said...

How sweet! Enjoy the baby babbles for the last time, before your grandkids :)

Swaram said...

Cho chweeet ... I luved aapeepe and kapaka :D

ChoxBox said...

That is the cutest!

Guddi said...

CHO CHWEET! My ma used to sing Jo jo lali to me too..:)

The Print Lover said...

aww cutie! (I only got "ellowe" right!)

Sands said...

How cute. I guessed ellowe and boo :) Yup the baby speak goes away and the parents are saying it for a looong time :)

K3 said...

super cute! hope you have taken a lot of videos of the little singer. Am sure they will love it when they are all grown up. :)

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

@Lakshmi: Yes .. so true ... I get to heat those "speeches" from my older one regularly.

@AJ: Thota is not colloquial kannada ... baby talk it is. About those various versions of cool .. they are used in the most appropriate situations such as when amma is fuming away ;)

@Starry: So its now or 25 years later uh ??? No wonder grandparents love to soak in every word that their grandchild has uttered ... they have waited long enough :)

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

@ Swaram: Interestingly the older one said "Tapata" for chikkappa and he loved it and the said chikkappa was eagerly waiting for Version 2 :D

@ Thanks Choxy :)

@Guddi: You too uh? Whats nice is Junior learnt the song from the older one ... older one sang it for her while putting her to sleep ... cute na?

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

@ TPL: ellowe has a very distinct accent ... wonder if people get it when she pronounces it ;)

@Sands: You said it ... I still am holding on to the first one's innocent lines ... she has long moved on.

@ K3: Yep ... we are capturing everything ... they'll thank us for some ... and hate us for others ;)

Aryan said...

booo is super..junior likes boo color?

Anonymous said...

放棄者不會勝利,勝利者永不放棄。 ....................................................

Poppy said...

I guessed Dova - because that's how it's said here as well :) LOL

Both my kids unfortunately spoke quite clearly for their age, we didn't get to enjoy too much of what they call in Tamil - 'mazhalai'

Very cute she sounds

Pixie said...

Aww... she is so so sweet! :)
And growing up so quickly!
Hugs to both the little Angels :)

Chinkurli said...

Kapaka - very cute :D


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