Tuesday, June 28, 2011

India trip

Things taken care:

* Tickets booked

Things to take care:

* Plan a family vacation on a date suitable for most - Herculean task I tell you ... considering ours is a biiiig family
* Buy gifts
* Decide on the days we are going to spend in B'lore / Mysore - tricky - considering BP's folks mostly live in B'lore an mine are in Mysore.
* Decide on whom we would be visiting - We certainly don't want to offend anyone ... but its practically impossible to visit every family.
* Decide on places to visit in and around B'lore / Mysore.
* Prepare a shopping list and stick to it :)

Things we hope to do:
* Have breakfast at Vidyarthi Bhavan in B'lore and GTR in Mysore (we have our priorities right ... its always food first)
* Visit the Planetarium in B'lore.
* Ride a 2-wheeler after almost 7 years ... is that pushing oneself too much ???
* "Joy" ice cream - Nuttie Delight
* Visit my grandma's house once - my grandma recently shifted from her house where she was staying alone to her kid's houses
* Buy a pair of anklets for self :)
* Get an extra pair of power cable for the "Shruthi Pettige"
* Climb up "Chamundi Betta" on foot
* Play a match of badminton with cousins

... and more. My parents and MIL are anxiously waiting for our arrival.


Comfy said...

Hope you have a super fun trip (can't wish for relaxing right, since trips to India are never those). Hope you get to do all you have on your wishlist and some more.

R's Mom said...

wow! have a super duper trip here...hope you are able to manage everything and much more

Sands said...

Here wishing you an awesome journey and vacation. Wishing you luck with your exhaustive list of to dos. Have a blast and come back to tell us all about it :)

Swaram said...

Vidyarthi bhavan, GTR all favs on this side too :)
Have a super fun trip!
I so miss Mysore :( 4 yrs aythu hogi naanu :(

cantaloupes.amma said...

@Comfy: Thank you... there are many more wishes like finding that perfect salwar fitting or the perfect blouse for my new saree .... :) And India trip is relaxing mentally ... but very taxing physically and financially :D

@R's mom: Thank you ... thank you ... really excited!

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

@Sands: Yes ... there will be tales to share for sure ... and hardly 15 more days to go .... YAY !!

@Swaru: GTR Masale dose maja ne bere alva? especially after you descend down the betta ... that chutney taste.... still lingers in my mouth :)

Pixie said...

Awesome!! Sigh.. say hello to my beloved cities for me ok?

here's the sad thing - Vidyarthi Bhavan taste has gone down and gone bad.. yup... :(
But, go ahead and eat there very early in the mornings - like 7, dosa would be slightly better.
There's also a new place opposite to Vidyarthi Bhavan, slightly towards the Ashram - Udupi Krishna Bhavan (1st floor), he makes amazing dosas and khara bhaath!!! :D

Sigh! GTR too go early in the morning... any time after 8:45 - dont go..

have a great great time!!

Oh and don't forget - Jaynagar 4th block!! :D best place in the world!
I hope the footpath work is done by now.. it was chaotic!!

Pixie said...

So bad na, if I were there now, we could have met and I would have taken you to a couple of amazing dosa places!!

maja maadi!
mysore nalli - Highway 18 antha new restaurant ide - its a decent place and offers good food which is fresh and doesn't upset your tummy. Alli, evening dinner thumba chennagi irathe especially sitting outside in their garden :)

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

@Pixie: See the advantages of blogging ... you get such nice recommendations !! Highway 18 it is !!!
GTR naavu usually betta dinda iLidu direct aagi hogi barthivi ... so its most likely going to be early !!

VB : Going early is a challenge in B'lore .. especially if you don't stay in close vicinity.

It would have been wonderful to go around with you as local guide ... sakat maja barodu ...
If you happen to visit Bay area , California ... let me know ... will be your local guide here :)

adayinlifeofmom said...

Wishing you a happy journey.. have fun..


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