Friday, April 10, 2009

Chak De India - complete analysis

Watching movie with my daughters is a rarity in our household. If we end up watching something together, it might be a Jungle Book or Lion King.
Last night I was tempted to watch Chak De India ... Cantaloupe was awake. I didn't think there was anything inappropriate in the movie and so decided to watch it in her presence. Bad idea ... the questions never seem to end
Sample this:

* Why is he shivering? (pointing at SRK who in the scene right after Indian team had won the world cup)
* Is Australian food very tasty ? (looking at girls filling their plates in one of the songs)
* Are they missing their family ? (when the girls are disappointed after their first game with Australia)
* Are they going to sleep in the saree? (the party scene where all girls are in saree)
* Why should they always listen to their coach ... can't they think?

And many many more ....

But this one is the best

* Does she want to use the potty?

She asked this question when SRK and his mother return back to their house after the world cup. They enter the house and SRK comes out and looks around. At first it didn't register in my mind why she has asked that question ... later realised that SRK and his mother had together entered the house and only SRK had come out and hence her question ....

Happy weekend !


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LOL!!! How logical. BTW, did she like the movie or not?


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