Monday, April 20, 2009

Around the world in 80 clicks

Reading the title of the post itself is sufficient for anyone to know what I am writing about here. I have been tagged by Kodi's mom to write about the 5 things I loved about motherhood.
Here goes my list: (A big HUG and thank you notes to Cantaloupe and Junior for this)

1. I love the fact that with motherhood I am able to let loose and enjoy life. All my student days I was the nerd who was quite content and happy with the limited friends I had. I was too busy with my books / music / essays / dramatics / debates etc to care about just relaxing and socializing Some mistook me that for egoism. Anyways, motherhood as liberated me. I have an extended social circle now .. motherhood introduced me to some great friends and I am thankful for the same. The quiet me has now become more extrovert than ever.

2. I love that I am able to don different professional hats in the name of motherhood. I am a fashion designer / hair stylist to my daughters. I spread out my artistic hands at times too ... I love shopping for my daughters. The transformation from a person who hardly went shopping in student days to an enthusiastic shopper is quiet amazing. I also love that I can bank on my girls for company :) (no more begging BP for company)

3. I love that I am able to love someone unconditionally. I know there are times when I may long for my solitude and quiet corner or peaceful nap and snap at my kids ... but deep down I love them unconditionally.

4. I have discovered new heights of respect for my parents. I am amazed by how they managed to raise us with so much love and care. I worship them now. I also have deep respect for my MIL for having managed to raise five kids on her own in a joint family with 25 people.

5. People who see me these days are stunned by my patience. My patience has reached new levels with no conscious effort from my end.... thanks to motherhood. My parents are especially proud of me for this :)

There are many many more things that I love being a mother ... but being a sucker for rules, I'll stop at five.
The whole world already seems to have done this tag ... but nonetheless would like to tag Noon, Asaan, Sujatha, Moppet, Poppins, Ceekay ... Ladies would like to hear about 5 things you love about motherhood.


Pixie said...

Awesome Post! :)

Loved reading it...

and it brought a smile on my face - first thing in the morning at work! :)

Poppins said...

Lovely post :) Thanks for the tag, it may just help break my bloggers block :)

Kodi's Mom said...

nice! thanks for doing this so quickly.

K3 said...

Ah patience, thats so true. My mom was totally afraid that I would beat up my child the first time he does something wrong. LOL!

SV said...

Your post was interesting. The best thing about motherhood is watching your little ones grow into responsible young men and women.


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