Thursday, January 31, 2008

Fresh Start - Project and Presentation

The past 2 days have been quite eventful.

29th Jan 2008:
The morning was nothing but ordinary. The usual rush to get Cantaloupe and BP ready (yes, a constant reminder of time is required for him as well. If not reminded he gets engrossed in his morning mail routine). Once they left, the office work was as usual as well. Later that evening, I was busy playing with Cantaloupe … our usual routine every evening. I heard my cell phone ring. I usually ignore phone calls when I am playing with Cantaloupe. It’s the only time during weekdays that I get with Cantaloupe and I want to give her undivided attention. I ignored the cell phone. Immediately I heard the home phone ring and it was from my office. I couldn’t ignore this one… so picked up. I was informed that our project was put on hold and all of us were released from the project … What ??? I gasped … after all the hard work we had put on this project for the past 8 months, this was too sudden a decision. I thanked the person who had informed me about it without any delay. Now my project hunt will have to begin all over again … its not something I enjoy! But somehow, I am more relaxed than other times I have been in the same situation.

Later the same evening, Cantaloupe and BP went to home depot to buy new light fixtures to the guest room. They came back after what seemed like eternity to me (even 10min past dinner time seems eternity to me) BP calmly disclosed the reason for their delay … “Our car was hit by another car” … BP was coming back from home depot, and had reached our apartment complex when he saw a car in reverse speeding towards him. BP sensed danger and stopped moving any further and just waited. The speeding car ended up hitting the side of our car. Then the insurance exchange formality and other discussions were completed… hence the delay.

Past dinner, BP was setting the bed and Cantaloupe was ready for her bedtime story when the door bell rang. An odd time for anyone to come home. We were pleasantly to find my sister and BIL … She told us that job hunt had come to an end and she had got her first job!!! A huge moment of joy for her and for us!! She had been longing to earn ever since I can think of her … she got married within 2 months of her Engineering and had to locate to the US. At that time, she had 2 options: Study further or Start job hunt. Though her heart was to start job hunt, she convinced herself that higher studies was a better option and that would open better job opportunities as well. Besides the job market was not very encouraging. Anyways, now she has found a job and will be starting next week!! A huge treat pending from her side now J

That was 29th Jan.

As mentioned earlier, Cantaloupe’s school had “It’s a small World” day yesterday. I was nervous about the presentation I had volunteered for. Thanks to some of the tips from blogging friends, I found my way. I took print out of various pictures, including the Tiger (to represent the National Animal of India), Camel (as I talked about Thar Desert), Peacock (National Bird), Taj Mahal, House Boats, Palaces, Himalayas etc. I took colorful pictures of Holi and Diwali as well.

I started the presentation by saying “Hi” to them, the Indian style … “Namaste” … the kids repeated my act and said “Namaste”. Their involvement during the entire presentation was great … they listed to what I had to say and looked at all the colorful pictures I had taken along with curiosity. I made the presentation a lot interactive by asking them questions frequently which they enthusiastically answered. For Eg: When I asked, do you like going on Vacation? They happily nodded and said they went only with their family. So, that set the context for me to tell the vacation spots in India like Taj Mahal. Similarly I asked them the festivals they celebrated and gradually introduced them to Holi. They were delighted to see all the colors … I don’t think a lot of kids in the US have seen farmers in their fields. Agriculture being an important occupation in India, I showed them green fields with farmers working hard. They loved the greenery. One of the kids had a question for me “Aren’t there frogs amidst the fields?” (he saw small streams of water in the fields which explains his question). I was dressed in a bright purple Salwar Kameez, complete with Bindi, bangles. I made Cantaloupe wear some bangles as well and dressed her in an Indian outfit. Cantaloupe’s bangles were a hit among her friends … they loved the jingling sounds. I had also prepared an Indian flag and had cut out Indian map.

Overall the presentation went smoothly and I was glad the kids were paying attention and were involved during the entire presentation. Later that night I asked Cantaloupe, what amma taught her at school … she said, “Namaste, Tiger, Peacock, Desert, Palace, Holi, Diwali and House Boat” … not bad, something has registered in her mind … thought this satisfied mother.


~nm said...

I hope you get all the damages for the car from the insurance.

Good to know that your presentation on India went good! :)

Preethi said...

hey good luck with the project hunt!! :) And seems like you made your mark with the presentation .. good to hear that.. those kids will be talking about the colorand bugging their parents to take them to Taj Mahal.. for years to come!

Aryan said...

Good to know that the presentation went well...
Aryan's mom

noon said...

Glad it went well. It is not easy to grab the attention of young children! You must feel good!

Poppins said...

Uh oh about the car, hope it's the Honda? (if it's the other one, I know how bad you must feel)

I am amazed by the presentation you did ! Seriously. Sounds very very interesting. Good job.

Project: I think it's kind of good timing isnt it? You know what I mean. All the same I do feel bad about it, but it will work out.

noon said...

CA - tagged you!

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

@nm / Preethi / Aryan's Mom / Noon: Thank you ! Thank you !

@Poppins: Its the Honda ... you bet we would have been more upset if it were the other car.

Just a grail said...

Wow, you sure had an eventful week to say the least! Glad the accident was minor!

Wow, your presentation sounds like it was wonderful. I would LOVE to travel to India and I am quite sure you have instilled that in many of the kids at the preschool!


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