Monday, January 28, 2008

Its a small world

Cantaloupe's pre-school is celebrating "Its a small world" day on wednesday. The past few days, the teachers have been discussing about the cultures followed in different countries around the world.
On wednesday, the school requested few parents to volunteer and talk to the kids about their home country. I signed up hoping I'd be able to work on something over the weekend ... as predictable I could not get anything done.

Request creative people out there to give me ideas on what approach I should take to talk about India. I understand some props / pictures will draw the attention of pre-schoolers. I am running out of ideas ... plz ... plz help me


Preethi said...

maybe something about diwali..and traditional colorful clothes.. and some pictures of taj mahal off the net... you can quickly print this off and put it on a poster board for them to see!! :) And maybe some stories of Krishna might amuse them!!

Aryan said...

krishna stories and panchatantra stories sounds good.
Aryan's MOm

~nm said...

I think you can talk about the Gods, one or two festivals, our dresses and our food.

For Gods:
I think you can also talk about Lord Ganesha and since there are many DVDs available on Lord Ganesha, you can probably use some clippings of them.

Or Lord Hanuman too!

For Festivals:
Diwali is a good idea where you tell them about candles and firecrackers.

Tell them about Holi as kids might enjoy it since it involces playing with colors and elders not scolding them for that..hehehehe..

Our Dresses:
Probably make Cantaloupe wear a traditional dress and you can also go wearing a saree, take pictures of traditional weddings with bride and grooms in their best of attires etc. Take pictures of rajasthani people dressed in colorful clothes!

Our Food:
Talk about south Indian cuisine, north Indian chaat etc. I'm sure you will get pictures of them on the net easily.

Our Monuments:
Taj Mahal, Qutub Minar, Places in Rajasthan

These are all I could think of.

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

Preethi / Aryan 's mom: Thanks for the ideas ... it is going to be 15min presentation ... I may not be able to tell them stories ... but I will be sure to let the kids know of the wonderful stories we have of Krishna and Panchatantra.

@nm: Really appreciate your ideas... I will take cut outs of pictures of the various clothing ... I was planning to wear saree myself. I had Diwali and Holi in mind too ... Great suggestion on the monuments... till talk about it.

noon said...

Hi CA - probably a bad time to say this since you are so busy - but you are tagged - do it when you have time.
BTW - I think in a 15 min presentation for kids - monuments etc - they may just tune out. In my opinion - simpler it is the better...less facts, more pictures...
Not sure about talking only about Hindu gods when talking about India - but yeah this is not some pol sci class - so it's OK. I think if you had pictures of Indian schools and how children there have to wear uniform and school badge and have morning prayer etc it will be fun for them and they will relate to it...

Orchid said...

ok its too late for this comment since you must've already planned something...but hey this is what we did for international week at Li'l A's school

Orchid said...
oops didnt go through the first time

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

Thanks for the inputs and the blog link Orchid ... I used the flag idea from you ... will write in detail about the program


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