Friday, January 18, 2008

Event planning

Just as I had noted in the 2007 annual updates, BP was chosen as the committee member of a local club here. The initial few days saw no bounds to his enthusiam and thoughts. He had so much energy and ideas ... but there was a problem in store. Over the next few weeks, he realised that implementation of the ideas was not as easy. Firstly due to lack of time because of commitment at work / family, but most importantly because of lack of support from other members. Obviously other members had their own priorities. Soon, I took over a lot of responsibilities from BP. Thankfully I had my sister's support. (well, she had similar responsibilities shifted from her husband who happened to be part of the committee as well).
Now, most planning / implementation of the club activities are handled by me and my sister. To be honest, it is stressful with a full time job, house chores and a toddler at home. But I continue to work for the committee for several reasons. I don't want to let down BP's committee ... I'd not be happy if BP is responsible (even though partly) for not contributing to the continuation of a committee which was formed with lot of effort and hope to socialise. And to be honest, I enjoy organising parties, events, programs etc ... only I wish that was the only thing I was required to focus on.
We have so far organised a camping trip and one sports day. The next event is scheduled first week of february. This time again, I have been scambling some time to plan for the event. So far, I have been able to come up with a drama script (sis has been of great support), have come up with food menu, have decided on a game show (the details are yet to be sketched out), narrowed the theme for the drawing competition for the kids (I should not take credit for this one, the theme came from one of the passive members of the committee). The prizes have been purchased ... the event hall booked.

I am just hoping that everything will fall in place for the event ... just praying !!


Aryan said...

Everything will fall in right place CA.. good that you and your sister is helping BP.
I am smitten by your drama script writing..
Aryan's mom

Preethi said...

Good luck with everything!!

noon said...

Wow - amazing how you manage to do everything!

Orchid said...

good luck and hope you have fun too!

Sue said...

Impressive. :)

Hope all goes well.

~nm said...

All the best!!!


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