Friday, December 28, 2007

2007 : The year that was

Recollection of the ups and downs of 2007 …


  • Cantaloupe gave her first stage performance. I directed a dance drama for kids. The kids were 6-8 yr old … so you can imagine the proud moment BP and I shared when our then 2.5yr old daughter matched steps (??) with the others on stage. Though she was not perfect with her steps and did her own things a couple of times during the show, I should not take away any credit from her for just giving a cute/ spirited performance and entertaining the crowd. By the way, she had put on the costume of a baby sparrow and looked adorable!!
  • One of my close cousins got married (31st Jan) … the whole wedding arrangement was done by my parents. Both her parents work, and they conveniently passed the wedding responsibility to my parents. Now, let me reserve the details of the same for another post.


  • My parents finally were convinced to travel, and agreed to spend the summer with their only grand daughter “Cantaloupe”
  • BP and I debated quite a bit about changing schools … Cantaloupe was going to day care till such time and we finally decided that she was ready for pre-school. And so we went to get the pre-school application, only to realize all slots were booked and we were waited listed. (wait number being 50, 150 in the two schools we enquired). Apparently the applications are given out the first week of Feb and seats get filled in 2-3 days!! We went there around 3rd week of feb and obviously were late!! Now we had already given the notice to her previous school about discontinuing during summer (she was going to spend time with my parents). Instead of running the risk of not getting into any of the school, we paid her day care and reserved the slot for September. They agreed to refund our money back anytime we decided not to come back to them. (of course they would hold $100 fine)
  • One of my close uncles, (mama) surprised us with his decision to visit us this summer.


  • Mama’s visa application was rejected. (L) Researched a lot before applying for visa again. (they had already blocked their tickets and we had planned how we were going to spend the 30 days together)
  • Work front, cleared an important exam which added value to my resume J (I studied for a test / exam after a gap of 7 yrs … so it was quite an experience).
  • One of my dad’s good friends ended his life … shocking news to all of us!
  • BP’s brother transferred all ancestral property to his name … BP was hurt not because he was not given his share, but because he was not even consulted / informed about it until all legal formalities were completed. But BP maintained his dignity and did not speak a word of displeasure… just congratulated his brother.


  • Mama’s visa was rejected again … parents arrived here much to the excitement of Cantaloupe. They bonded instantly. (in about 10 mins time … considering she was seeing them for the third time, first time at her birth, second for a short period of 5 days when she was a year old … I should think this was great!!)
  • BP elected part of the committee of a local community club.
  • Cantaloupe discontinued day care.


  • We visited Mount Shasta and Crater Lake. It took us exactly 15 mins to decide we were going to drive to these places and within the next 30mins, we were all set!! It was fun filled experience with my parents and sister’s family
  • Sister graduated with Master’s degree… proud moment for me and my family… couldn’t help a tear escape!


  • Moved to an interesting project at work… commute of 1.5hrs each way!!
  • Traveled on office work for the first time after Cantaloupe was born!! Though I missed family, especially Cantaloupe a lot, I must admit, I enjoyed the being alone and solely concentrating on work!


  • Thanks to my parents and sister, Cantaloupe’s birthday was celebrated in a most memorable way.
  • Continued to hog on rare delicacies …. Thank you amma.


  • Parents and sister visited the East coast. For most part of the month, parents at my sister’s place.
  • Cantaloupe got admission in the pre-school she was wait listed just 2 days prior to school resuming. Yipppee !!!
  • The old school ate up their words and refused to refund back our money … a loss of $1000 dollars !! (We are still fighting the case to get back the money … though our chance looks slim ... verbal assurance is hard to prove)


  • We went camping in the wild with Cantaloupe and parents for the first time!! Sleeping in a tent on a star studded night, cooking with minimum provision, campfire, dip in the nearby lake … everything was just perfect.
  • Jet skied for the first time … Cantaloupe did great as well!
  • Parents went back to India. It was hard initially especially for Cantaloupe …
  • First complaint about Cantaloupe from her school. (she had not completed her art work and had ignored her teacher’s instruction)
  • Watched "Chak De India" with BP in theatre... the only movie watched by BP and I as a couple for the past 3 years. (we have watched 7 movies in theatre in the past 7 yrs of marriage)


  • Organized a sports day for the community club. The treasure hunt and donut eating competition were instant hits with the crowd. Cantaloupe won the 2nd prize in fruit eating competition.
  • Cantaloupe got her first “Line Leader” tag for being the best kid in the class.
  • BP extremely busy at work with some POC(working 15 – 16 hrs a day)
  • One of my dodamma (dad's brother's wife) passed away after prolonged illness.


  • Spent our anniversary relaxing at a beach resort.
  • First time thanks giving black Friday experience for BP … he was so excited to buy the flat screen monitor and GPS system for great deals. (not to mention, he had resisted these items for the past 8 months … he was thrilled to bits)
  • Work: Project I am working on came to a halt all of a sudden … surprised all of us in the team.


  • Cantaloupe got her first pre-school report card ... considering her aggressive / mischievous self, it was shocking to see her score quite nice in 90% of the activities. (she has been asked to practice paper cutting … we are working on that during the break)
  • BP takes a week’s break from work to spend time with his dear daughter!
  • Missing sister since she is in India for a vacation. (we meet atleast once a week … so this is hard for both of us and Cantaloupe)
  • Ramp down of team at work … size reduced from 40 to 10 … glad to be part of the remaining 10.
  • Can’t wait for the new year!



noon said...

Happy new year to you CA! OMG - why did I think you were living in India - somehow thought that! Hmm...may be it is late and I am stressed about our long flight tomorrow and losing it! :)
That's a nice list - wow - you have given a nice account of it. And was amazed at BP's dignified response to what his brother did. Doesn't it hurt? How do men deal with it - I may also give a dignified appearance if I were in that situation - but I would be so hurt - I mean not specifically in these matters - but in do you continue a normal relationship...strange isn't it - things can come between siblings too...
So you are west coaster basking in the sun looks like! And how lucky - you have your sis near by too!

S said...

Lovely feel-good post. Happy New Year to you too.

Aryan said...

Very nice to read your post CA. Especially how can BP be so dignified...? Hats off to him.. You did not feel irritated with his brother?
And also sad to know that the day care did not refund the money..
Anyway enjoy your days ahead..
Happy new year to you and to your family...
Aryan's mom

Pixie said...

Happy New Year! :-)

Hope the New Year brings you and your lovely family a lot of joy, love, happiness and prosperity...

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

@Noon: Yep ... me currently in California!! I am still amazed with BP's response, but somehow it makes me proud of him. I must say I am still hurt.
My sister stays exactly 7mins of drive from our place ... truly blessed to have her stay this close!

@Thank S

@Aryan's mom: BP has really made me proud with his silence ... but I am still irritated. I don't know if I will ever be able to forget this event.

@Pixie: Thanks !!

Timepass said...

Happy New Year.. Nice to read month wise chronicles.

~nm said...

Wow! What a perfect summary of the events of the year. And as expected there are some good and some not so good memories but lets leave the not so good ones behind with the year that passed by and cherish the good ones always!!

Wishing you a very happy new year! :D

Anonymous said...

It hurts when you come across scheming siblings. It is amazing that your husband kept quiet. I would have thrown a fit, legally too it is not possible for BP's bro to do it as it is ancestral property and your husband had equal share. You guys should fight it out. My Inlaws stay in a house which is work 4 crores, they casually mentioned to me that they would "give it" away to their daughter who is still unmarried (she is 34), hubby kept quiet, I threw a fit, I told them in that case they might as well think their son is dead. I also told them that I will not entertain them when they get old and come and stay with us. I know I sound like a bitch, but give me a break, how can you be unfair to your own kid??


Aryan said...

Where are you? no updates...
Aryan's Mom


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