Sunday, December 2, 2007

Introduction to Arithmetic

(Conversation between Cantaloupe and me... idea behind my conversation is to emphasise the concept of addition / subtraction).

Me: Cantaloupe ... how many of us are in this house now?
Cantaloupe (C) : One (pointing to herself), two (pointing to her dad), three (pointing to me)
Me: (satisfied with her answer) Good ! Now tell me, how many will be there if say your friend S came over to play with you?
C: (immediately) Four
Me: (Not bad ... she is quick ... and knows addition) Great ! Now tell me, if amma were to leave for work, how many would be left in the house ?
C : (instantly): Three
Me: (Beaming with pride with her daughter's subtraction skills) Thats correct ... now tell me, how many would be there in the house if appa left for work?
C: Three
Me: (instant reaction) No ... count again ....
C: Three .... because, if appa goes to work, you will be with us, taking care of us !!!
Me: (She is smarter than I think she is .... must really come up with better examples)


~nm said...

Simply hilarious!! You bet, they are much smarter than we think they are!

Orchid said...

alright girl, way to go!

Collection Of Stars said...

Simple - Child logic :)
That goes to show how much children trust us to take care of them no?

Sumana said...

hmm smart cantaloupe. Way to go.

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

@nm / orchid: Oh yes! You never know what is going on in their tiny little brain :)

@COS: Franckly it feels good that she trusts her parents so much :)

@Sumana: Thanks for visiting !

Aryan said...

Cantaloupes is so cute and clever...Cantaloupes amma, you are tagged, see aryan's blog..

ddmom said...

She is one smart kiddo!!


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