Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Diwali updates and more ...

Diwali was celebrated with much enthusiam ... Cantaloupe sure had loads of fun. Even if I hadn't planned, ended up celebrating Diwali for 3 days ... exactly the way I would have loved it to be.
The first day, Narakachaturdashi was celebrated at my sister's place ... thank you Sis ! I had so much work in the office that day, I could not have managed all the arrangements. It was wonderful to start Diwali with family. She had managed to find "Party Poppers" which turned out to be fun crackers for us ... and annoying sound making wraps for Cantaloupe. But we adults had fun.
Lakshmi pooja was performed with much devotion ... the slokas recitation role was mine and the flower offerings were done by Cantaloupe. She enjoyed the pooja and promptly recited the slokas she has thus far learnt. (though none are "Lakshmi slokas" ... nonetheless, I believe "HE" will not mind ... she recited them with a lot of sincerity). BP was surprised that I had managed to perform the Pooja and pull off an authentic Karnataka style dinner on a weekday. (it was friday and a working day). Cantaloupe and I decorated the entire patio with candles. BP helped out with the series light. Our home looked lovely !!! We even managed to introduce "Sparklers" to Cantaloupe. Initially apprehensive ... her inhibitions were soon replaced by over enthusiam. It was hard for us to call stop the sparklers :)
Balipadyami was again a family gathering ... this time, my sister's family visited us for dinner. Though I would have loved BP to have performed the pooja the evening ... it was fun. The house was again decorated with scented candles and series light. All of us had fun with the sparklers and the party poppers. An elaborate dinner with all the family members at the table wrapped up our Diwali celebrations.
Ever since Diwali ... Cantaloupe is ready for the next celebration at home :)

The weekend after Diwali, we managed to escape to a beach resort, about an hour 's drive from our place. It was our anniversary and we managed to have a quiet family time in a small town. Cantaloupe loved the resort, beach ... she was busy building sand castles with BP while I soaked the sun and felt content watching father / daughter bond.
Our drive back, we picked up some delicious strawberries ... leaving Cantaloupe and her mother end their vacation on more than HAPPY note.


Collection Of Stars said...

WoW! Looks like you had a fun time. Happy anniversary wishes to you :)
Am impressed that you managed to cook an elaborate/authentic meal on a weekday.

mnamma said...

Belated Anniversary wishes to you CA! Looks like all of you had so much fun!

Pixie said...

Wow! Looks like you guys had a super fun time!
Belated Anniversary wishes!
On a weekday - Full Karnataka Style - I'm impressed too.

Aryan said...

Belated Anniversary wishes. How did you manage on a weekday with full Karnataka style cooking? Good work Cantaloupes amma. Anyway cantaloupe is with you to help you!!!

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

Thanks all for the wishes ...
The enthusiam to introduce Cantaloupe, the festive atmosphere, kept me going. I must add, I was working from home the said day and managed to end my work day by 4:30pm :)

ddmom said...

Looks like you'll had fun.
Belated anniversary wishes!


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