Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Morning Madness

I have started cooking in the morning ... and dishes are done at night.
But its not the cooking that takes time ... the dabba packing is really making me go mad.

I have to pack 5 dabbas
* One for BP and it HAS to be chapati and curry (one silver foil and one dabba for curry)
* One dabba for Cantaloupes' school lunch (sometimes its chapati and curry for her)
* One lunch box for Junior and one extra box with Yogurt.
* Snacks for both Junior and Cantaloupe which includes mostly fruits and a dabba with the day's breakfast (upma, idli, etc)
* One lunch dabba for self

Along with the above, I have to keep aside fruits for self and BP. I prefer apples, oranges most days since except for washing I don't have to do anything extra ... but then BP ends up buying mangoes, melons and I hate to see them go bad and have to cut these and put them in boxes as well.

By the time I step out of the house, I have another dabba of breakfast in my hand since I wouldn't have the time to eat it at home.

So what gets you mad ? Is it the cooking, doing the dishes or something else ...


Suji! said...

I had to be first somewhere and here is my chance - Yeppie.. Im have won the comment race :D :D

From what you discussed, I feel you are good to start a Dabba business itself :D

First time here and I like it :)

Pixie said...

Don't listen to Suji CA!!! :D :D

But, yes... I hate my rushed mornings... getting ready, packing my breakfast and lunch box...
I don't like the fact that sometimes, I don't get enough time to sit down and enjoy my morning cup of tea which K makes for me..

sraikh said...

I guess I am glad I am not working. I pack 2 lunches and 3 snacks. Tues/Thursday-- I pack 3 lunches and 4 snacks.

It so stressfl thinking what to pack for the kids.I hate it

RK said...

Hmm... sounds very familiar.
May be you should offload packing of fruits and junior's stuff to BP :-D))
Then you can pack only the lunch and snacks that you cook..
I know this is too good a solution. ;-)
Wishes to come out of this 'caught in the race' mindset soon..

Lady J said...

hello, first time here.. i suppose packing the dabbas is a losing battle whether u pack at night/ morn... i try to make the fruits in the night and put them in the fridge.. perhaps u can try that..

Rohini said...

Cooking for sure. Which is which I avoid it like the plague...

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

@Suji: Yep you are first :)) You know what, you are right ... I must start dabba business ... I already packing a carton, few more shouldn't really hurt especially if I get paid for it :)

@Pixie: Same pinch ... Morning tea has to be made by BP ... he makes such perfect tea, best part of my mornings.

@S: This lunch packing business is driving me up the wall every single day.

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

@RK: You mean I have explain all the snacks that go into each of these bags to BP ??? (*faints at that thought*) ... I think I am better off packing.
Honestly though, I am paranoid that he may mess up things... simple instructions like the grapes are cleaned, pls put them in ziplock bags are forgotten :(

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

@Lady J: Welcome here .... fruits cut and packed the previous night is not a bad option actually.
I was initially cooking / packing the night before and my morning were simpler ... but now in my desire to spend time with kids, I shifted all this business to mornings and its been crazy.

@Ro: You know, I am perhaps the one of those picky taste crazy eaters who like their daal and sambar just the way .. so I have no choice but cook... besides I enjoy cooking.

Just call me 'A' said...

wow...your morning does sound crazy...i'll go mad if my morning is sooo busy. I like them quiet, drink my tea in peace and then get on with what I have to do, which is usually nothing much. but then it's easy for me cause there's just 2 of us..... what I dislike most is unloading the dishwasher and folding clothes after drying.
i love your blog header :) and I like your blog too. will drop in again.

Swaram said...

I luv cooking and feel the dabba business takes more time too :P

Roti, subji to go with it, the salad ;) - too many things ;)

starry eyed said...

*runs screaming down the corridor*

As yet I only pack Divya's dabba, hubby packs his own. After two more years, I'll be going nuts in the morning (as if I don't already!)

Uma said...

Tell me about the packing! and the cutting veggies, dishes and the cleaning afterwards!! Just hate it. Love the cooking though!

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

@Swaram: Finally ... finally I am hearing someone say they love cooking .. i thought I was the only insane person :)

@Starry: Arggggh Ironing ... i dont' mind ironing those outer wear clothes ... but with the self imposed rule of ironing every clothing of the kids, I am going crazy. Junior needs 3 sets of clothes every day.

@Uma: So you love cooking too ... cool ! I like vegetable cutting too ... OK .. I have to admit here, I am particular about the size of veggies cut ... certain dishes require certain type of cutting ... for eg: Long cut beans for Pulao and tiny / thin slice cuts for curry ... No one can help me ... God !

Uma said...

CA, I'm very particular about the cutting too. Luckily, I have a very capable help I've trained to my style... feel free to envy me :)

Sujatha said...

First time here ! Wow ! How do you do it? To make lunch and proper breakfast also. My kids sometimes don't even have breakfast since they would have just woken up and drank their milk and off to school. I have been thinking to do the cooking in the morning so that I can spend time with the kids. What time do you get up?


Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

@Sujatha: Welcome here !

I used to get up around 5:30 - 5:45am ... now gotten lazy and get up around 6:30 and hence the rush. I do get help from BP in that he bathes the kids ... so cooking packing and some study time with Cantaloupe is my responsibility
You should try the morning cooking ... evenings feel a lot less stressful :)

Collection Of Stars said...

WoW! You are one superwoman!
I fail miserably in the cooking dept; especially thinking about what to cook drives me mad. How do you do it?


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