Friday, September 18, 2009

Play date

Cantaloupe had a play date with friends from her new school on wednesday. I made few interesting observations:
My kid actually listened to what I said to her - there was a huge lawn in the complex and a fountain in the center. All kids love playing with sand and water ...thats a given. But this being a fountain put in for aesthetic purpose, all mommies didn't want their kids to play with it. While most moms struggled to contain their kids ... a simple "talk" was enough with my daughter.
She remembered to ASK : Once we went back to the host's apartment.... the kids attacked the cookies / sweets laid out on the table for them. Cantaloupe asked me if she could have one ... of course I said Yes ... but then she remembered the "No sweets after 6 on weekdays" made me really proud.
She was having a jolly good time when I reminded her that it was time to leave - she put in a small protest saying she wasn't done with her playing ... but gave in. There have been episodes in the past where she has negotiated about staying longer for more than 10 - 15mins. Not this time though :)
She Cleaned: Yes she did ... while other mommies just left with their kids. When I asked her to clean up, she pointed out that others had played but hadn't cleaned up. So I said, never mind what others do .. you do your part. She cleaned up some toys and I didn't insist on cleaning up everything. I had to be fair to her .. afterall I had seen her play with only a guitar and a truck most of the times. But nonetheless, she cleared some of the other toys as well.
She thanked the hostess, put on her shoes / socks and waved bye to her friends in the most dignified manner.

I couldn't possibly ask for a better behaviour :)

On a side note:
Mommy V commented that she is not used to wearing spaghetti tops but her son (5 yr old) may get curious when he sees others wearing it ... so in order to make it a norm, she was planning to start wearing them. - REALLY??
Mommy A1 said her 1.5 yr old son often twists / dislocated his hand bones (carpus ??) ... and she just twists it and brings it back to position. OUCH !
Mommy P said she goes to gym only to relax and re-energise herself. - WOW !
Mommy A2 said the kids bring out the inner devils in their moms - LOL !
Mommy C felt clean up after playing is part of play date and leaving the toys lying all over the place is not a good practice - THATS ME :))

Over all it was a nice time ... and I dont' mind doing this once in a while.


Kodi's Mom said...

Cantaloupe is a doll :)
i have to agree w mommies A2 & C...!
yep, playdates this age are so much fun. we've been quite a few of those lately & they keep son, mommy...& brother happy :)

Collection Of Stars said...

I am impressed. Cantaloupe is a very well behaved child :) Shows how good your upbringing has been.

Shobana said...

Such a wonderful lady she already is! And she is going to grow up into an amazingly elegant woman. Of course your part is well appreciated trained her! The 1st thing that came to mind about A1 mommy was...mean mommy! I guess the child is so used to it, they are familiar with the procedure and see no reason to rush to the ER each time...though I am thinking that since he is doing it all the time, that there is some underlying problem.

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

@KM: I couldn't agree more with A2 :)

@Cos: Thank you ! Thank you ! One of her good behaviour days ... thats all !

@Shobana: A1 is not mean ... I must have been more clear in my post ... the little boy had earlier dislocated his bones and the doctor had instructed the mom to "Fix" it that way ... what i found amazing was that the little boy was hardly affected with all the twisting


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