Friday, September 18, 2009

Doordarshan darshakon Ko Namaskar

Doordarshan completes 50 years of existence on 15th sep, 2009. And the serials I watched growing up on DD are so etched in my memory even today. I perhaps remember these serials better than some of the Survivor episodes I might have seen just few months back.
Recollecting some of my all time favorite serials on DD.

10. Neev (this was a serial about boarding school) - Sunday 12:00 noon
9. Vikram aur Bethaal - Sunday 5:00 pm
8. Showtheme - Saturday 3:30pm
7. Nukkad - Monday 9:00 pm
6. Kashish - Wednesday 9:00 pm
5. Chitrahaar - Wednesday 8:00 pm
4. The World this week - (Was it friday 10:30 ??)
3. Mahabharat - Sunday 9:00am
2. Buniyaad - Tuesday / Saturday - 9:00pm
1. Quiz Time - Sunday 9:00pm

Thanks DD for broadcasting some lovely serials.


Collection Of Stars said...

That was a lovely nostalgic post. I have watched each of these programs and loved them :)

Shobana said...

I remember 3,4,3 and I. Wonderful programs to remember for a lifetime. Congrats on completing 50yrs amidst all this competition!

Hip Grandma said...

how did you forget 'Hum log'?a very nostalgic list.

Anonymous said...

VIkram and Bhetal was good na
Aryan's Mom

Lakshmi said...

Oh memories... I enjoyed watching chithrahaar at 7 am sundays with my sister. Our tv time was limited so we would eat dinner at that time. It sounds weird, I even watched those different language movies featured sunday afternoons.

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

@Cos: Have you?? Weren't they just so entertaining ?

@Shobana: Yep .. With all the competition, it mere survival of DD needs to be congratulated. But wonder if the viewership is there in towns and cities raided by cable TVs.

@HG: Yep ... Watched Hum Log ... I used to find the character of that father very very depressing :(

@Aryan's mom: We used to guess the answers for questions posed by Bhetal ... it was such pleasure if our guess matched Vikram's answers.

@Lakshmi: Sunday was Rangoli if I have not mistaken ... though it was not very different from Chitrahaar ... sunday songs were much more melodious :)


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