Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sparkle in your eyes

When I meet people and the discussion shifts to their hometown, I have noticed that invariably there is that one place which makes them nostalgic. Of course the mention of hometown evokes that special feeling in one's heart ... but there are some places in the hometown which transports oneself to totally different world.
My dad was born in a very small village in Karnataka. He moved out of the village before he entered teens for his studies. But even today when someone mentions about his village, his eyes brighten up and one hint of that temple on the banks of the river and he is just re-living his childhood in his mind.
For one of my good friends it is the college mess ... she lived in a hostel and says that she had her best days in the college mess.
I was born in Mysore, but spent a good 10 years in a small town before moving back to Mysore again. There are various spots in my hometown which I am proud of ... be it Dasara exhibition or Kalidasa road, or my engineering college or the small temple close to my grandma's house ... each of them have special memories associated with them. But one mention of Chamundi hills and my heart skips a beat ... I have had some wonderful memories associated with the chamundi hills like the time, I pleaded my parents to let me trek to the temple with my dance friends, and then having lunch and breakfast on tree tops with the friends, rising early to go trek to the temple with engineering friends and returning back just in time for the 8:30am class, experiencing absolute bliss looking at the city of Mysore late evening from hill top ... locating our home, school, palace from hill top, having a blast with family every time we visited the temple... the list is endless and the details are crystal clear in my mind.

I would love to hear about your special locale in your town... that special spot which holds a special place in your heart.


Pixie said...

Mysore of course!!
Chamundi Hills, Kukkarahalli Lake, Mysore University "Downs" canteen, My college "katte"
Kafe Mallige (which is closed now), Nalpak Hotels...
Chat street...
Of course, JSS BDS college "katte" and the cold coffee shop - my frn studied there... :-)
So many places, so many memeories... so little comment space! :-)

~nm said...

I think it will always be my dada-dadi's house and nana-nani's house even though the overall look has changed. But I've so many memories of these places that I can never ever forget!

trying2beperfectmom said...

Yes, My native hasaspecialplace in m heart too. It has something to do with our childhood memories as well, me thinks.

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

@Pixie: I knew you would say Mysore :) It is indeed a lovely place.

@nm: Ah .. those pampered summer vacations at nana / nani's place .. bliss !!!

@T2BPmom: Native places are always special ... wish you have elaborated on your native place and that special spot :)

Usha said...

Someone once told me 'you need to get far away from your home to appreciate its value'. Don't you think it is true. THis special place is exactly the one we took for granted all the time we lived there!

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

@Usha: Welcome Usha ! You are absolutely right ... I think its true with most things in life ... we take a lot of it for granted ... only when we are deprived of it, do we understand its value.


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