Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hi Milestone ...

Hi people,

Mom has a history of not posting about me regularly. Remember she forgot to announce my arrival
So fearing she would repeat the same about my 6 months update, I decided to do the same.

OK at 6 months ...
* I am a "Roll Over Champion". My family kept checking me regularly if I 'd roll over for the first few months. I decided it was time for them to bite them on that and now I roll over as soon as they put me down. (sometimes much to their frustration)

* I can move around in circles ... I am attempting to crawl ... but the carpet flooring is really not helping me make much progress.

* I can coo so loud, I hear the alarm clock sales in the neighborhood has fallen steeply. I wake up exactly at 5:30am, to help out poor office going souls. Of course I promptly fall asleep around 9:30am (hopefully all those people have gone to office by then)

* I tried communicating to my folks to help me sit up, but they wouldn't get it. Finally dad realised and help me sit. Of course I could sit by myself. Duh !!

* I recognize my family. Mom, dad and of course akka ... my grandma, chikki (aunt), chikkappa (uncle) and my cousin. Any body else is stranger to me and their sight just makes me sad. I scream at the top of my lungs if any stranger attempts talking to me. Hey ... I have heard my parents talk to my sister about running away from strangers. I am smart !!!

* I am at 50 percentile on all 3 counts .. height, weight and head circumference. Doc gave me 4 shots during my 6 month visit. I shrieked for the first 2 shots and was in shock and hardly could react after that. But mommy soon soothed me and I forgot about the shots and was a happy gal for the rest of the day.

* I respond to family with my coos and seek attention when required in my own sweet way as well !

* Once fed on time, I am a happy gal ... if I am not fed on time, I start sucking on my hand. If its night time, I yell as if to bring the roof down ...

I love my family ... I am glad to be part of this mad bunch !


karmickids said...

Aww they grow up so soon na, its already six months?????

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

@Kiran: yes :( WIth Cantaloupe I wanted her to grow past the baby days ... I was a new mom. Now I know, the baby days are for me to enjoy !!

~nm said...

I had such a laugh at the alarm clock bit :)

Kitnee jaldi time nikal gaya. 6 months already..phew..

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

@nm: You laugh at the alarm bit and we grumble :((

Vinoth said...

haha...nice post

Kodi's Mom said...

i havent commented in such a long time, i think. lovely template!

& hilarious update, Jr. keep up the good work esp the alarm clock bit :)

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

@Vinoth: New to this place?? Welcome !!

@Kodi's mom: Please don't on the alarm clock thing ... its starting to ring earlier by the day :((


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