Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I did it ... I did it ....

I bathed Junior for the first time !!!
Now before you conclude anything, let me explain the bathing process in our house.

We give a detailed bath to the little ones complete with Warm oil massage, lying the little one on your legs and pouring water on her. This usually requires 2 people involvement: one to pour water and one to put the baby on your legs, massage, apply soap etc. Its called "Yenne Neeru" in Kannada.
I had always done the massaging and water pouring part while my mom put the baby on her legs and soaped her. This arrangement was mostly because I couldn't bend easily after my C-sec for sometime and we couldn't wait till the time I was ready to bathe her. Since amma left, BP had taken to that part. But the bath tub seemed too small for him and he found it really difficult to sit. So I braved to do it yesterday. And surprise .... it came quite naturally to me !!! I didn't find it all that difficult at all !! I had always hesitated putting the baby between my legs ... but it wasn't that bad at all !! And yes, my experience with Cantaloupe helped me !


Kodi's Mom said...

good job :) and it is such a pleasure, isnt it?

Reva said...

Hi CA,

First time commenting here.. came from Boo's.. and the thing that struck me was the lilypie stickers on your blog..
Cantaloupe is 4y 2m n 3w
Junior is 4m 2w n 3d.. coincidence?! very cute tho :)

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

@Kodi's mom: It is ... I will never give up this now !!
I am contemplating taking over my sister's baby bathing as well !!(soon to be born)

@ Welcome Reva ... had not noticed the coindidence !! Sharp eyes you have.

the mad momma said...

yes - its always easier the second time around. my mom left early both times but after the bean i was doing it from day 8.. i think it actually helps you heal faster... congratulations on it and all the best :)

Aryan said...

Congrats ..that is really cool..

Poppins said...

Wow I have never even tried it ! I shifted to the baby bathtub after I went to the US and here ofcourse I'm spoilt by the massage-bath lady who comes by every day :)

Renu said...

came here first time:), and u revived my memories:), really difficult the first time,my son will slip away into the water with all the soap suds and all:).

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

@Poppins: One of perks of staying in the US ... "Do everything yourself" :)))
Now I WANT the massage lady to give me a hot oil massage ... I will manage Junior

@Renu: Welcome Renu, The babies are really slippery .. especially before they can sit by themselves.


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