Thursday, October 9, 2008

Driving is driving me crazy ...

Just noting driving tips for my reference to read almost everyday

1. The fellow driver who cuts ahead of you from the right turn lane he was supposed to make to your left turn lane in the last minute is just to be thanked. He is just checking you car brakes.

2. You must be indebted to the lady ahead of you who drives so slow in city limits that you miss the signal and now have to spend an additional 5 minutes waiting for the signal. She is putting on make up and in turn is reminding you to check yourself ... just so you arrive "Fashionably" late to your meeting.

3. The driver driving at 45 mph on the freeway in the left most lane is just trying to save your fuel. Remember driving at 55 mph in a 65 mph freeway saves fuel (Chevron Tekron tip) The driver is smart in mathematics and wants to save more fuel and is driving at 45 mph

4. The driver honking at you at the junction where you have stopped to allow for pedestrians is just checking his honk. May be you can use this knowledge and honk at the pedestrian and scare him. He dare not cross the road when YOU are driving.

5. At the STOP sign, you just need to pull your feet off the accelerator for a second. Did you seriously think the STOP sign meant a feet on the brakes ?? Hell no ... brakes are to be used for point 1.

I must READ and then RE-READ these tips everyday to make driving a pleasurable time !!!

1 comment:

Preethi said...

lol.. now I know why I don't drive!! even though I have had a license for long!! :P


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