Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Mother -Daughter Evening Routine ...

Our evenings are pretty much the same everyday ... Cantaloupe keeps looking forward to this part of the day when she is only point of attention ... well wait since my parents are visiting us now, she has been getting constant attention through out the day. Anyways, I get a warm reception these days when I come back from work.
Cantaloupe is neatly dressed, is all cheerful and in her best mood. She tells me, she has been waiting for her mommy... thats me... and guess why?? We read together atleast 5 books continously. Yes ... I am not even allowed to change and refresh ... the moment I enter the house, Cantaloupe brings the chosen set of books for the day... drags me to the recliner and sits besides me and demands I read the book. One look at her, and she immediately gives me a warm hug and I melt down immediately. I forget my tiredness and I am ready to spend time with my daughter. Of course, my parents get worried about their daughter not getting a moment of rest ... but thats a different story.
Our reading is as dramatic as I can imagine ... with hand movements, jumps, running around, voice modulations etc... its actually quite an entertainment to my parents as well. Of course, they get to see their daughter playing a mommy ... which they sometimes find it hard to believe even now.
By the time I am done reading the first 2 books, my mom brings me fresh snacks / fruits every day. Even with her back problems, she ensures that she prepares my favourite snacks almost daily. Yum Yum .... Cantaloupe and I share the evening snacks.
Now, we are energised enough to dance to some foot tapping numbers. Sometimes, I have to take evening conference calls and she is not happy at all. We have found a way out ... the evenings I have conference calls, my parents take her out for an evening stroll. By the time they come back from their evening walk, I am done with the call. And daughter and I are ready for some more time ... this time its either a project with Foam stickers or a painting project or some singing or revision of her alphabets or reading books again or story telling.
One thing I know for sure is, we have made a nice routine and both enjoy our evenings ... make the most of it !!


Kodi's Mom said...

readng abt your routine was very soothing. I'm sure your parents and Cantaloupe cherish this routine as much as you do!

rbdans said...

Refreshing read. cantaloupe is one lucky kid :)
Read your comment on my blog that your mom's leaving. Its hard for a while, but you will be amazed how soon you will settle down. You sure wont get fresh snacks amidst the fun, maybe its time to visit the packaged snacks section in the supermarket :)

How do we know said...


Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

@Kodi's mom: I know my parents will miss us when they go back ... hopefully Cantaloupe remembers our time !

@rdbans: You are right ... we will settle ...but I am sure going to miss my parents... once they go back, it would also mean that apart from playing with Cantaloupe, I will have other things to take care as well. Hopefully I keep track of the snacks... even if I have to buy from supermarket.

@hdwk: Why not??

~nm said...

Just one smile from them and you feel the luckiest person in the world! Don't you?

Keep the routine going! Its just so nice to let it go!

DotMom said...

you have such a nice routine set with Cantaloupe. Are you lucky to have your parents around!

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

@nm / @dotmom: I love my routine now ... but I am afraid it may not continue for too long ... my parents will go back in a month's time ... there will be thousand other things to take care :(
Thanks for stopping by

wisegirl said...

it's super cool to know that you can actually do it all..

anja said...

your evening routine sounds lovely..isn't it amazing to have your parents there to worry about YOU for a change..just like you worry about yours..i hope when i eventually go back to work i will have my parents there too..

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

@anja / wisegirl: Thanks for stopping by.
It feel so good these days ... but you know what its all going to end shortly ... and I am already fearing that day. I know I will get used to taking care of everything, but with a thousand things running in my mind, its going to be a mad rush.

For the moment, I just want to sip in every moment and RELAX :)


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