Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Yours truly is judgemental

Taking up the Tag from Poppins

I judge people who proudly announce the hours spent at work. Since when did the quantity of time decide quality of work? Also staying long hours in office does not mean, a lot of work got done.
I judge people who cannot appreciate good food. Anyone who says, taste does not matter to them is basically dieting. (that’s’ my opinion)
I judge people who put on lots of make up. Makes me think that they have bad features they are trying hard to hide.
I judge people who cannot appreciate music. Don’t like a particular kind of music … I can understand that … don’t like music … now how can you not???
I judge parents who are loud.
I judge parents who smoke / drink alcohol in the presence of kids.
I judge people who don’t like their family.
I judge people who are unclean / unkempt.
I judge people who defend their choice all time. I mean discussing about it once in a while, I have no problem … but having to mention their choice all the time, sorry
I judge people who don’t like their home town.

My points above may seem irrational … but hey, this post is about being judgmental… be it good or bad!


Poppins said...

Again a good list but I'm confused. Is this about being judgemental or things that we hate/dislike. I would just dislike parents who drink/smoke in front of the kids, not merely judge them.
Looks like I got the tag wrong !! :(

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

I think I judge these people Poppins ... makes me think they are careless and irrespnsible people.

Collection Of Stars said...

Agree with all your points :) Good list.


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