Monday, October 22, 2012

Updates from last week ...

I have been really busy over the last few days. Generally it would be office work that would keep me busy ... this time surprisingly, its not office work. The festive season here starts with Gokulashtami , followed by Ganesha - Gowri festival , Navratri , Halloween, Deepavali, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Sankranthi. After Sankrathi, next few months are quiet. I guess, the amount of guests entertained during the "Festive months" necessitates these quiet months.

 We host the Ganesha - Gowri festival in a large scale, inviting about 45 - 50 people home. I have been having low key Navratri all these years... but I get invited to atleast 10 - 12 homes for "Golu" / "Bombe Arthi". While I totally appreciate the effort being put by all these friends in arranging their dolls and also preparing the food, it gets tiring to add another task to the "To Do" list ... especially if it is during weekdays. Already having my plate full with office work, daily chores, kid's homework, projects, dinner activities .. squeezing another hour for Bombe aarti feels like a tiring task.

Here are some important updates from last week:

  • Met famous violinists Mysore Nagaraj / Mysore Manjunath. 
  • Finally cleaned / polished the silver items I had taken out for the Ganesha festival and stored it safely.
  • Learnt and played "Poker" to heart's content. (started playing around 9:30pm and played well past 1:00am :) )
  • Watched English Vinglish
  • Visited 5 friends for "Bombe Aarthi" ... essentially eating out every single night. (though have to cook, for next day "dabba" )
  • Bought the birthday present for my nephew.
  • Observed Junior patiently learning to "Weave".  
  • Exchanged ideas for Cantaloupe's school party details with her teacher.
  • Parents finally got their "Marriage Certificate" :)

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