Friday, October 12, 2012

Junior Speak

Conversation in the van, while driving Junior to school.

Junior is humming her planets song which she has been taught at school. The song ends with "the last planet used to be Pluto" or something to that effect.
 I never leave an opportunity to cross question (read irritate :) ) Junior when she is in good mood ... she gives the most imaginative answer.

Me: Hey Pluto is a planet right.
Her (J) : No amma ... Pluto used to be considered a planet. It is no longer a planet.
Me: Since when ?
J: Since a long time ago ...
Me: But who decided that?
J: The Astronauts
Me: But they never told me about it.
J: Amma ... the Astronauts are in outer place ... you cannot hear them and they cannot hear you. Thats why they didn't tell you.
Me: Is that true?
J: Yes ... now you know.

How cute is that !!!


Anonymous said...

Awesome. Cute.

Swaram said...

Awww very cute :)


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