Friday, February 20, 2009

Junior is already 9 months

My little daughter completes 9 months today. The progress she has made in the past 9 days is just amazing ... well did I say progress in 9 days ... yes thats true ...
We were at this community event last week and Junior loved it. We have always thought that Junior is shy and hates crowd ... she proved us wrong and clarified that while she hated being in the middle of adults, she just loved kids. No stranger anxiety there. If a kid of 5 years came in her vicinity, she squealed with excitement ... but when an adult stood looking at her she screamed and frowned and looked for comfort.
Whether it was this 10 month old baby that she saw crawling all around the community hall or whether it was firm carpet there ... but ever since we are back from that event, she has been crawling all around the house. It was as if, she mastered the skill over night. Earlier she'd crawl 2 steps and sit back... as if something was holding her back. Now there is no looking back ... she feels liberated.
She has already ransacked the DVD rack and Cantaloupes's puzzles .... today she almost entered the bathroom to play with the bin. From sleeping on her back, she rolls over and sits up straight and then crawls ... all in less than 5 seconds. Hmm ... I should try that ... couple of times a day instead of desperately trying to tuck my tummy in my jeans.
She babbles lot of sounds... most don't make sense ... but she CAN say "AMMA" ... also says it appropriately when she wants me to pick her or when she wants me to feed her etc. She almost says "Akka" (she says "Akkkkaaaaaaaaaooo ... Cantaloupe is only too pleased to hear that). Other words said are adda, abba ... and well you guessed it "Appa" :)
She loves going out ... a stroller walk in the park is something she loves best ... but unfortunately we have not been able to take her on walks because of the cold weather and rain. The moment BP puts on his jacket she looks at his feet just to ensure he has his shoes on and jumps at him. This is something BP loves to test every morning before going to work.
Junior is an early raiser ... she is up by 5:30am. Its nice in someways because that is the only time she gets sole attention. Most times, when both kids are up, one the parent is with each kid. Cantaloupe manages to sole attention in the night after Junior goes to sleep.
Junior loves chapatis. For the past few days she gets the same dinner as us and she is loving it. She now almost refuses to eat just rice cereals, unless she is extremely hungry.
She still has that infectious toothless gummy smile... but I have a feeling she is teething and is likely to have 2 teeth in the next few days.

Junior loves her sister ... any day any time, sight of her sister brings a smile on her face. In fact the feeling is mutual. I am so glad and thankful to God for this love between the sisters. May God always bless them both with the same feeling.
Happy Birthday Junior !

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cantaloupe's stage performance.

We attended a social event this weekend. There was a play where kids donned costumes of legendary Karnataka personalities of the likes of Sir M Vishweshwariah, Purandara Dasa, Basavanna ... and Cantaloupe was Onake Obavva. (Obavva was a soldier's wife, a brave lady who fought for her land) It required Cantaloupe to say a few lines in period Kannada. (slightly difficult and very different from Colloquial language) But I made her repeat her lines atleast 15 days before the event day and so she was pretty confident and comfortable with it.
I began costume hunting few days back. Obavva required to tie a saree ... in a different style than our usual. (almost like Lavni style) The saree had to be checkered matching the times of the character. After some searching, my mom's purple cotton saree was chosen. (Cantaloupe has just 2 blouses ... so I had to find a saree to match the blouse) I folded the saree to Cantaloupe's length and stitched it. (long stitch) I am not very good at tying saree ... so I had to request my cousin to help me out. She readily agreed but the problem was she had no clue about this special style of draping the saree. We tried 6-7 times, to Cantaloupes's frustration but still couldn't get it right.
So, I decided to give my best shot and if it didn't turn good, would settle for the normal saree style. I estimated the pleetes and pallu length and just ironed the same. And now I tried to drape the saree around Cantaloupe .... it seemed pretty easy. I was so glad to have figured out the technique finally.
The day before the event, I re-ironed the pleetes and pallu. On the day of the event, saree was draped around Cantaloupe in less than 5 minutes. .. her hair tied back with flowers, waste band and chains/ necklaces / anklets made her look so much lady like. In less than 15 minutes my daughter transformed from a little 4 year old girl to 20 something lady. She walked with so much poise and grace that she put me to shame. (I am somehow not very confident in a saree )When I asked her if she was uncomfortable, she said "Not at all ... I am like ajji ... I love sarees ... they are so comfortable")
She performed with confidence on stage ... perfect dialogue delivery and great conviction. I almost cried of joy ... my 4 year old performed with kids more than double her age and was the star of the show :)
Amma ... I may not know how to drape myself well in a saree ... but I am quite good in draping around others !!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wardrobe Threat

Scene: Myself trying desperately to fit into those lovely designer jeans I once wore in style ...

The damn zip refusing to move, me trying harder, squeezing my ever bulging tummy.
Cantaloupe seeing this and commenting, "Amma, those jeans are not your size ... you need a bigger size. But those jeans are lovely ... may be you can preserve them for me"

My wardrobe is already under threat !!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Equal Responsibility

The weekend was rather nice ... bright, sunny and warm after those cold days. Post lunch we went out for a walk. We had to return the borrowed DVDs as well. (Watched Oye Lucky ... nicely made movie) Cantaloupe chose to put on her skates. (bad choice) The moment we were out of our apartment complex, she wanted them out ... but her dad ignored her tantrums and continued to hold her, while she skated. I was only to happy to push the stroller and enjoy the sun. Junior was just glad to be out of the house.
On our way back, we went to the library, where we met one of BP's good friends. (we were meeting this couple after 5+ years ... and they were coming to our current house for the first time.) They have a son and I generally asked the boy how old he was .... he was initially shy and later said four ... and his father smiled. He was a little shorter than Cantaloupe and was very shy and talked little. Cantaloupe was excited to have company in playing and willingly led the way home.
Once we reached home, the little boy and Cantaloupe got busy playing and I settled down to talk to the mom while feeding Junior her snack. As is the case most of these days, I asked her opinion on Public schools and if she intended moving the boy from the Montessori he is going to a public school this year. She said, he still has sometime ... I was rather confused. (Public school applications are being distributed in the neighborhood right now and anyone willing to change should have known the same). As we got talking, I learnt that the boy had turned 3 just few days back ...uh??? (So why didn't the father correct the boy earlier ??? I thought)
Junior needed diaper change and BP took her inside to do the needful. The boy's mom was rather surprised / pleased to see that. BP changes diapers?? she asked. Oh yeah .. he does I responded. In 3+ years, the boy's father has not changed a single diaper she said. If I am at a mall or some place away from home and his diaper needs to be changed, he calls me up ... I rush home and change the diapers ... she continued. You are lucky she concluded. Her husband also shamelessly admitted that he had no clue which school the child went to OR which public school he'd be going to next year. He just said mom will take care of everything.
BP and I looked at each other ... BP beaming with pride for the compliment the lady just showered on him ... and me proud to have him as my husband.

Later BP told me that his friend is one of the best engineers he has ever come across ... has very high reputation in office. But I pointed out that, it was rather sad that he was not an involved dad.

Seriously ... aren't dads and moms equally responsible for their kids? Isn't changing diapers one of many things they are responsible for?

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