Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cantaloupe's stage performance.

We attended a social event this weekend. There was a play where kids donned costumes of legendary Karnataka personalities of the likes of Sir M Vishweshwariah, Purandara Dasa, Basavanna ... and Cantaloupe was Onake Obavva. (Obavva was a soldier's wife, a brave lady who fought for her land) It required Cantaloupe to say a few lines in period Kannada. (slightly difficult and very different from Colloquial language) But I made her repeat her lines atleast 15 days before the event day and so she was pretty confident and comfortable with it.
I began costume hunting few days back. Obavva required to tie a saree ... in a different style than our usual. (almost like Lavni style) The saree had to be checkered matching the times of the character. After some searching, my mom's purple cotton saree was chosen. (Cantaloupe has just 2 blouses ... so I had to find a saree to match the blouse) I folded the saree to Cantaloupe's length and stitched it. (long stitch) I am not very good at tying saree ... so I had to request my cousin to help me out. She readily agreed but the problem was she had no clue about this special style of draping the saree. We tried 6-7 times, to Cantaloupes's frustration but still couldn't get it right.
So, I decided to give my best shot and if it didn't turn good, would settle for the normal saree style. I estimated the pleetes and pallu length and just ironed the same. And now I tried to drape the saree around Cantaloupe .... it seemed pretty easy. I was so glad to have figured out the technique finally.
The day before the event, I re-ironed the pleetes and pallu. On the day of the event, saree was draped around Cantaloupe in less than 5 minutes. .. her hair tied back with flowers, waste band and chains/ necklaces / anklets made her look so much lady like. In less than 15 minutes my daughter transformed from a little 4 year old girl to 20 something lady. She walked with so much poise and grace that she put me to shame. (I am somehow not very confident in a saree )When I asked her if she was uncomfortable, she said "Not at all ... I am like ajji ... I love sarees ... they are so comfortable")
She performed with confidence on stage ... perfect dialogue delivery and great conviction. I almost cried of joy ... my 4 year old performed with kids more than double her age and was the star of the show :)
Amma ... I may not know how to drape myself well in a saree ... but I am quite good in draping around others !!


Pixie said...

She must have looked so cute! :)

My mom used to always take my aunt's help when it came to tying us with sarees for school functions!

Timepass said...

wow, nice to hear this...I don't know if this is a coincidence, but my friend in fremont had recently sent me pics of a kannada gathering..Who knows, u might be knowing her??

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

@Pixie: My mom did that too ... mom was so graceful with her saree ... but she couldn't tie it for others. I always had my aunt help me out

@Timepass: Co-incidence ... wow !!! Perhaps I really know your friend !

mnamma said...

Beautiful CA!!!! It must have been a very proud moment for you :)

Sujatha said...

The Onake Obavva story left quite an impression in mind. It must have been thrilling to see the pages of an old childhood textbook come alive!

Poppins said...

Aww that is so so sweet. Can just imagine her doing that somehow, she's always been so outgoing !

Collection Of Stars said...

Loved reading this.
You must have been so proud and happy :)


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