Friday, January 9, 2009

Yaadoin ke geet

I love music ... I can listen to any kind of Indian music ... be it Carnatic Classical, Folk Music, Movie songs, light music, Devotional .... any type. For the most part of my stay in India, I always thought Western music meant loud drums, noisy guitars and songs with no concept of pitch. It was sheer ignorance on my part ... I really cannot understand why this idea got into me ... but it did ... and for quite sometime. When I moved to a different city from my hometown, I lived with my uncle and family. My cousins there always listened to Western or bollywood. Initially I felt being robbed of all my serene moments with Carnatic classical ... but soon I began to appreciate other types of music too. Anyways ... Music is an essential part of me. I am likely to be singing / humming something many times a day.
I also love to associate music with people. There are a lot of songs which remind me of a person and I relive moments spent with them during the course of the songs. Sometimes, they are pure magical moments ... other moments are not so pleasant. So, I'd like to list down the songs I associate people with ... mind you, they may not be the best songs, but they had an impact on me.
1. Minchu Hula, Minchadiru - My landing day in the US spent with my dear husband BP as a new bride
2. Deena Na Bandiruve - My dad ... even when I am typing this, I recollect moments spent with my dad ... I just long to run back to Mysore and spend time with him.
3. Kajra re - Cantaloupe - I remember this incident when I was listening to Jaane Kahaan Gaye woh din. The sad song that this is, Cantaloupe who was 2 then was crying profusely (for no other reason other than listening to the song which she obviously did not understand). Seeing her cry, I switched the song to Kajra re and instantly she started jumping with joy and danced almost perfectly to the beats :)
4. Doni Saagali Munde Hogali - My aunt and uncle. We were visiting them one summer and my uncle enthusiastically played the recorded duet he and my aunt had sung. My aunt had sung the song so perfectly in contrast to the below average singing of my uncle. None the less, the romance was definitely there in their singing :)
5. John Jonny Janardhan: The song my mama sang in his honeymoon. (did get to hear it ... but he repeated it for us once he came back from honeymoon)
6. Ek Pal ka Jeena: My cousin Y dancing to this song. He must have been 10 and was very shy. His mother, who was trying to build his confidence and encourage him asked him to dance to this song. (My cousin has a good resemblance to Hritik, minus those muscles) His dance was awful, but we couldn't laugh since that would insult him. So we waited for him to leave to his house and burst out :)
7. Tera Jadoo Chal Gaya: Those were the days my best friend and I were spending hours together on the office terrace, We'd talk to our heart's content with our respective guys and then order Pizza and endlessly talk. We sang this song almost everyday. (I hope my friend remembers)
8. Tera Milna pal do Pal ka (sonu nigam): I gifted this album to my sister with my 3rd month salary. She loved it and would keep playing it ... so this song reminds of the time, I used to religiously visit my hometown every week and just relax and catch up with amma, daddy and sister.
9. Laali Laali Sukumaara: My cousin R. She used to sing this song so beautifully when she was 3/4. It also reminds me of her mom, who passed away very very early. (when my cousin was 3/4)
10.Oduva Nadi Saagarava: My MOM: A lovely romantic song, which my mom never fails to sings with such enthusiasm.

I could go on and on with the list .... but let me stop here.
Do specific songs bring back your old memories as well ... I'd love to hear them.


Pixie said...

Eh... i just can't remember!! Even though, both of us love music and listen to a variety of songs..I can't seem to associate a particular song with a particular incident!!

Anonymous said...

Heh - I remember Doni Saagali was part of a school program when I was in the 5th or 6th std...and we had a sort-of-tableau set to it - and the person manning the "boat" fell off the moving platform - much unintentional hilarity.


Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

@Pixie: Well... thats wierd me for you :)

@M: See ... some songs do have special memories :)


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