Monday, January 19, 2009

Junior gets her ears pierced

Finally ... I repeat finally we got Junior's ears pierced. She has lovely red stone / gold studs and they look great on her. (nevermind BP, who thinks she would have looked fabulous in those green stone ones) Her tiny ears with those tiny studs just make me start wondering when my earring collection will be attacked. They are already under threat from Cantaloupe, who has decided that the rings I am currently having on my ears are "Loaned" to me. She takes pride in that she has shared her earrings with me. The reason she thinks its hers is because I put them on her few months back, and she loved it and declared it was hers. I thought they were slightly big for her and said she could have them when she was old enough.

Anyways... coming back to Junior ... we had been pushing her ear piercing from the day she turned 2 months ... I think it was partly because we did not think it was our priority and mostly because I was too scared that my little baby would be hurt and that I could not bear to see her that way. With Cantaloupe, we got her ears pierced when she was 2.5 months and at that time, I was enthusiastic about the whole event. But this time, somehow I wasn't very sure. I have heard some people comment that baby looks all grown with earrings ... so I didn't want my baby to grow so fast :(

So after postponing the event for the past couple of months, we decided that the further we delayed it, the harder it would get to hold her while piercing. So off we went to the mall nearby. We went to the exact same place where Cantaloupe had got her ears pierced. The lady there was young and seemed efficient. (We watched her pierce for another client) We selected the studs from the available ones. I had loved a dark red set, but unfortunately those did not come with first time piercing ... so we settled for something close, a lighter shade of the same. BP sat down with Junior and Cantaloupe hovered around him trying to talk to Junior and explain the procedure to her. I had the camera and was capturing the proceedings. After a couple attempts the lady marked the spots for piercing on the ears ... by then Junior was getting anxious and did not want to be with BP and stretched and bended towards me. I didn't have any choice but to hold her in my arms for the piercing. I asked the lady which direction suited her best and held Junior firmly and closed my eyes tight. A second later I heard Junior shriek ... I knew why and did not dare to open my eyes ... few seconds later Junior did it again and I took the deep breadth and opened my eyes. My daughter was crying her lungs out and I think she was almost shocked that her mom did this to her. I tried to soothe her by distracting her with the kid store located opposite to the piercing place. Amazingly she calmed down in less than 2 minutes ... it took a couple of more minutes for me to be my normal self again. Sample popsicles were being offered at the corner. BP and I looked at our lovely girls in pride as they got busy with the popsicles.


Sujatha said...

I expected it to be much worse too and rather shocked when D stopped crying within a few minutes!

Poppins said...

I don't believe it ! I pierced Poppin's ears at 2.5 months but have been holding back on doing Sweetpea's ears.. Same pinch.

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

@Sujatha: I guess, mommies are more affected than babies in this whole business of ear piercing.

@Poppins: You too ... hmm ,... what is it with 2nd kids and our priorities


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