Friday, February 22, 2008

General updates

Recap of events in the Cantaloupe household over the past few days:
  • My project ended as predicted on 13th Feb. Had been to the office to return my laptop / badge and clean up my desk. (there was absolutely no items to clean up ... my desk was just ready to be occupied!! Wish my house was as clean ... sigh!) Felt strange going to office after almost 4 months ... yes, had been working from home. The commute of 1.5hrs each way was costing a lot of precious time of mine and I had decided to work from home. Thankfully no one seem to complain ... of course they wouldn't ... I worked sincerely ! Three hours that was gained by "No commute" proved precious. I could not ensure Cantaloupe had the breakfast and was dressed just the way I wanted her to be for her school. It also meant that I could complete all the dinner prep work before Cantaloupe was home ... resulting in uninterrupted time with her till BP took in charge.

I was a busy bee when I was working and looked forward for a long weekend or a family outing. Strangely I am home now looking for my next client assignment, and it feels I have all the time in the world. I just cannot sit home like this ... I hope I start working soon.

  • My sister started her first job ... we surprised her with a cake and gift the night before she started work ... she was touched!
  • Finally watched Taare Zameen Par ... liked the movie ... but somehow with all the talk about the movie, my expectation were sky high and I felt the movie did not live upto my expectation. Had I gone without pre-notions, I would have definitely enjoyed it better I guess. Cantaloupe watched starting parts of the movie (I am sorry dear for putting you through this) and she was so involved and touched. A cheerful little girl suddenly looked quiet and pityful around the time Ishaan was sent to boarding. (of course she understood the movie in parts ... ) She could not stand the separation of the child from his parents. She started crying uncontrollably and just wanted the movie (torture for her) to stop. BP tried his best to cheer her up ... but no luck. Finally I told her that Ishaan would go back to his parents and that he was there at the boarding to collect his prize for his drawing. As you would imagine, we watched the second half of the movie in parts ... since we had to take care of Cantaloupe. But she was only satisfied when Ishaan was given his prize at the end of the movie. I just cannot believe my little girl has grown so fast !!!
  • Now that I am home, I have been preparing delicacies almost everyday!! Cantaloupe is more than happy to have them :) As always BP never says anything ... this man has never complained or appreciated food. He only cannot tolerate spicy food ... so as long as the food is not extra spicy, he just treats food the same. No complaints ... no appreciation.... hmm... is that good??? I don't know.
  • Dad is thoroughly enjoying his work. He is so happy and satisfied with the responsibilities he has got upon his return to work after retirement. Its not everyday we see, a person getting the same responsibililties and powers he enjoyed before retirement, after returning back. (and mind you, he took a break of over a year, before he was requested to join back. I am glad he visited us during his break and spent the summer with us)
  • Congratulations to all expecting moms in the blog world... summer promises to be a baby season !


noon said...

Good luck with the job search CA. I am sure you will find one soon... I can imagine how you feel esp because you so badly want to be is a restless feeling until things settle back into routine again.

Preethi said...

good luck with the job hunt.. and yes oh yes the kids are growing way too fast!!

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

@Noon / Preethi: Thanks for the wishes. I am thinking of using this spare time on clearing some certifications ... but have not mustered the courage yet to register. I think I will do it this week.

Poppins said...

Your whirlwind of energy never ceases to amaze me. Has it occurred to you dear one, to take some rest? And put on some weight while you're at it?

Good luck with the job hunt, but do do take it easy you hear me?

Moppet's Mom said...

Hey good luck with the job hunt - I know what it's like to suddenly find yourself at home after you've been used to working full-time for a long while.

Here's a little something to keep you busy - a tag.

Aryan said...

Good luck..Preparing new delicacy everyday sounds interseting...I am gald Cantaloupe enjoys it..
Aryan's mom


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