Friday, June 1, 2007

My first tag - 8 things about myself

Ok ... I just tagged myself from here since I am fairly new to the blogging world.
Here you go ... (ok, I didn't stop at 8)

1. I had always dreamed of having my wedding in a temple, in the presence of my parents and my grooms' parents. Max of 10 people witnessing my wedding. But ended up having a huge hindu wedding for 3 days. I still feel it was unnecessary.

2. I fear giving up my job. I don't do it for the money(touchwood, BP is a great provider) ... but I want to be financially independant. Some day I hope to give up my job and be comfortable staying at home raising my kid.

3. I hate make up ... if you find me with lipstick and kajal, consider I am all dressed up. I never put on make up to work.

4. I hate watching movies at the theatre. I enjoy them in my living room :)

5. I am very particular about food. Taste matters to me and I just cannot eat anything and everything. I have been raised not eating mushrooms and olives and I still refuse to eat it. And yes, I am a Vegetarian !

6. I am very slim and I hardly excercise. Its just in my genes. My paternal grandpa was slim all through and I seem to have got his genes. After Cantaloupes' birth, I have a pouch .. I miss my perfect flat tummy. Nobody else seems to notice my little pouch though.

7. I sing Carnatic classical music (alas, I have not been practising these days) and have learnt Bharatnatyam.

8. I cannot swim. My parents tried to get me enrolled for swim classes when I was 11years ... I refused to go to the classes, because I had to wear the "Swim suit". I still do not wear the swim suit. It has taken a lot of effort from BP to get me into swim shorts and T -shirt.

9. I love the beaches ... I can spend long hours simply looking at the waves.


Daisy said...

Came to your blog via MM. Your kid seems super cute.. Can we see some pics please? BTW, very cute name too ( cantaloupe .. :))

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

Thanks Daisy for visiting.
I will be posting Cantaloupes' pics soon :)

Collection Of Stars said...

Hey! I am with you on point (2) - it hurts every morning to leave KT and go to work but then I cannot leave my job too...I hope to save lots of money and quit in 2009 :)
Point (6) - Lucky you! I am right opposite on this one :(

Kodi's Mom said...

cantaloupe - very cute name :)

what's wrong with olives?? mushrooms I can understand...

Poppins said...

New to the blog world? Hmph. Caught on..Finally ! :-)

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

@Kodi's mom: THanks for visiting.
Nothing wrong with Olives ... just that I am not used to it and I rarely try food outside my comfort zone :(

@poppins : You did ... afterall can't hide yourself for long from good friends ... can you ?


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