Friday, June 15, 2007

Cantaloupe's interpretation of bollywood

Well, like I mentioned earlier, I don't watch TV as much and Cantaloupe is allowed to watch only the carefully chosen rentals from the Public library.
Anyways, today was one of those rare days, I wanted to watch some bollywood songs in Cantaloupe's presence. I had burnt these songs into a DVD long time back and it had been close to 2 years since I had ever watched it. Here is how the whole episode went.
  • First song: Mujhe Rang De , rang de (Takshak):

Her question: Why isn't uncle wearing any shirt (the side dancers who didn't have shirt on) ...

Me: (Bad song to play) ... next song played

Song: (Duplicate): Mere Mehboob mere sanam

Cantaloupe: Why isn't aunty wearing saree (pointing to Sonali's clothing)

Me: ooops .... next song

Song: Pyar dilon ka mela hai

Cantaloupe : Where is her dress ? Why isn't she covered (Karisma is wearing a strapless top and some weird clothing)

Me : OK .. next song

Song: Nimuda Nimuda (Hum Dil de chuke sanam)

Cantaloupe : Why is aunty churning her stomach like that ?(annoying Aishwarya's dance)

Me : (Is there any song I see without being questioned ?)

Song: Chuk Dum Dum

Cantaloupe: Nice song .... why do they need to sing in the rain ?

Me : You sing Rain, rain go away and Twinkle Twinkle and the like .... they sing this song.

I don't wait for long and move on to next song ... infact I change the DVD

Song: Bumbaro, bumbaro (mission Kashmir)

Me: (finally one of her favourite songs .... she has listened to this song couple of times)

Cantaloupe: (after watching the video for a few secs) : Why is aunty's palm dirty ?

Me: Oh dear ... this is called Mehendi ...

Cantaloupe : Its ok to have mehendi ?

Me: Yes ....

(finally there is one song I can watch with her without answering embarassing questions)


Poppins said...

OMG Really? Wow! She is so observant!
This is what I dread about bringing up babies..esp girls. Bad Bad world that we live in !

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

@poppins: I agree we live in a bad world ... but I don't know if it is easier to raise boys than girls ... I think it would have been equally embarassing to answer the same questions put forth by Cantaloupe, if it were to be from a boy

Poppins said...

What I mean by that is how do you explain to a girl that it is inapropriate to dress like that when all the females in TV/media are dressed like that. Plus they are shown as objects of desire..!

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

poppins: I see your point now ... absolutely ... its so much harder now than it used to be when we were growing

Noodlehead said...

blog hopped here! cantaloupe sounds seems to be a sharp little girl! i have a 9 week old little girl and i'm already worried about how to answer the whys and hows.


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