Thursday, May 31, 2007

Mother daughter bonding

Cantaloupe is growing fast. Her dictionary is expanding by the minute. Its as if she said "amma amma amma" only yesterday. I still remember those days ... she was a darling with just 4 teeth and grinning all the time. (you know the baby talk .. they repeat everything like papapapa, dadadada, tatata etc)
2 days back, I was annoyed about something very inconsequestial. Didn't want to create a scene in front of Cantaloupe coz I know she is observing / learning. So I sank myself on the rocking chair and was staring outside quietly at the blue sky. She was playing in the same room with her toys. One would think she didn't observe her mom's presence or her mood ... nop, my cantaloupe is not that kind.
She came to me, gave me a warm hug, turned my face towards her and lovingly asked "Amma ... whats the problem? Are you sad ?" I was spellbound. My little angel is growing so fast and is concerned about me. I pray the bonding between us remains intact and grows with time.


Collection Of Stars said...

Hi Cantaloupes Amma (I like the name :))! Thanks for stopping by at my blog.
Kids are very intuitive...they can read our moods and even tune their behaviour accordingly. I have observed this only recently with my daughter - she is irritable when I am irritable and she is very happy even when I am 'just' happy :)

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

Thanks for stopping by Collection of stars ...

Its amazing how kids understand our moods ... wish all adults understood that as well ...:)

Swaram said...

Oh thatz so sweet :)


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