Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Flooded House

It was 10:30pm ... we had just finished a nice dinner and cantaloupe and I were happily popping cherries from fresh farm. I love red juicy cherries especially from this time of the year. Had never tasted them when in India except in some cakes ... never the fresh / ripe ones. I was in my pleasure land when a sudden yelling of my name brought me to reality.
BP had been calling me out a couple of times ... but I was not to be bothered. I found BP soaking wet in our bathroom ... the bath tub tab was broken and the water was gushing out of the pipe. BP was trying hard to stop it ... but that was not to be. The scene was hilarious in a way ...I controlled my laughter / anxiety for a moment and decided to call 911
BP reminded me that I could use the emergency water repair facility and that 911 was not the order at the time ... he tried to hide his sarcasm as much possible. Stupid me, I cursed myself, browsed the net and called a plumbing service. It was close to 10:45pm and they asked me details of the damage. As soon as I said that the water was not overflowing from the tub, the person on the other end, felt it was no longer and emergency and offered to send a plumber early next day morning.
The constant questioning of the system from various people around (sister, BIL, mother, father, friend, cantaloupe) was just adding to my already nervous self. I managed to find another plumbing agency who was ready to send their personnel home. Phew ...that was an achivement I thought. A flooded carpetted house was not going to be an easy place to live in. By then BP had spotted the water pipe with the help of our neighbour and had turned it off ... so the leak was temporarily stopped.
BP assured me that we were going to be ok till the next morning and I wouldn't have to fret about being a non-swimmer :) I was glad we had temporarily put off the floods and was about to catch up on some pending office work. Just when I turned on the laptop to continue work, vision of the emergency services bill poped my mind. I wasn't going to pay huge amounts for just a tap repair. I was determined to reach the emergency services again ... thankfully was successfull. I explained the situation to them and they agreed not to come. Phew ... saved atleast $500 :)
Now BP believes in "Do it Yourself" phrase to the core. Now, he has sworn, he will fix the tap ... its been almost 12 hours since the damage ... it remains to be seen, if he will indeed have success in fixing it or we have to shed few dollars ...

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