Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Junior speak

I haven't recorded a lot of gems that Junior comes up with these days ... but quickly wanted to make note of few so I could read them fondly few months down the line.

Junior has been learning about Abraham Lincoln and George Washington at school, so kids are aware of "President's Day". Junior knows the term "President", but for obvious reasons is not aware of the responsibilities / power associated with Presidents. So on President's day, when we were getting ready to head out to a museum, she promptly walked up to me and asked "When is the President visiting us?". I am too stunned to react ... and guess she understood my confusion and continued "Amma Santa comes on Christmas day and distributes gifts .... when will President come?". I ask her to name some Presidents and she mentions Lincoln and Washington. So I tell her, those Presidents are no more and will not come. And she goes ... Oh, Barrack Obama will visit us. OK !! Mr.President ... are you listening???


Junior learnt about snails, turtles, snakes, frogs, alligators etc at school beginning of Feb. She barely could hold the pencil straight when she started pre school last year. Writing an alphabet meant an entire page for a single alphabet. But she has come a long way in terms of coloring and drawing pictures. She actually drew those creatures ... and best part, I could actually identify them without having to read the label / title :) So anyways, she was getting ready to school in the morning and came excitedly to me and said, "Amma, we will learn about Dinosaurs today". I was glad she was pronouncing the word Dinosaur correctly ... when she says "Amma, its very easy to draw Dinosaurs. Just draw Turtle body and head and tail of snake... thats it". I was too stunned to react.


Rohini Kishore said...

Awesome child. She seems to have gone on u when it comes to her curiosity about the world around u. U must hone her skills CA. She may just turn out to be a child prodigy.. U havent mentioned abt her musical prowess in some time.. No ragas and keertanas happening with Junior now? Curious to know...

R's Mom said...

lovely lovely lovely..

Errr...toh Obama is coming home is it ;)

I never realised that about the Dino..thanks Junior for teaching this masi about Dino drawings :)

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

@Rohini: Child Prodigy yella yeenu illa ... she is just curious about things ashte. She knows few ragas ... I have really not had much time honing that skill of hers ... guilty as charged :(

@R's mom: I couldn't myself simplify the drawing as much as she did :)

Swaram said...

He he very cute!:) She is an artist in the making.
Cn u hv me over when President comes visiting pls ;)

smartassbride said...

lol! totally charming, she is!

Swaram said...

Hey CA! Hw hv u and the girls been?


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