Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Random Ramble

* My new found favorite fruit: "Grape Fruit" : Whats more, its good for health too !!!!

* Cantaloupe has been enjoying her Art projects ... her latest fascination: Simple cross stitch projects

* Junior can sing "Lambodara Lakumikara" in tune :)

* BP has been having working late hours ... its been going on like this for sometime now.

* California summer is awesome ... simply loving the weather.

* Managed to control ourselves from eating out for 3 weeks ... quite an achievement for us.

* After experimenting with Bournvita, Horlicks and Complan, Boost seems to the favorite in these parts.

* Missing Arya bhavan "Milk Cakes" ... the ones I found here were ok... nothing great.

* Independence day fire work was oohed and ahhed by all including Junior.

* Our current family game : Scrabble :)


Swaram said...

Nice random post :)
Junior singing Lambodara must be so sweet :)

R's Mom said...

Junior sings 'Lambodara' W-O-W!!!

Tell her I am impressed and that this aunt of hers in mumbai cant even sing it at 29!!! Sahi girl! I am truely impressed *Wondering if I should start sa-re-ga-ma for R*

RS said...

Lambodara already?! Wow! Have you recorded it? :-)

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

@Swaru: Thanks Kanri :) And that bloggers you have met ... someday we shall meet ... I hope.

@R's mom: Thanks for being impressed ... don't make R sing yet ... unless she is interested. Junior picked it up from Cantaloupe.

@RS: Oh yes ... recorded promptly. But as always, when the camera hits the record button, she gets conscious :( ... not her best rendition.

Pixie said...

Junior singing in tune and Cantaloupe doing stitches! How very cute!
I like grape fruit too!! :D

WE oohed and aahed the fireworks as well! :D

Loved this mixed bag of a post!

noon said...

Oh man I want to hear the song from junior! Please may I?!

Swati said...

cross stitch old is she ?

noon said...

Where are you CA?! Why no posts!!

Aryan said...

that is cool updates


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