Monday, November 29, 2010

After 9 days break at work ..

woke up today not in the best moods ... you know monday blues....
But Cantaloupe surprised me, by learning the family poem she was supposed to recite at school. (she had been postponing to learn the said poem for the past week ... all it took her was "focussed" 10 mins and she was ready)

So proud of you my baby !! You couldn't have pulled my spirits any better !

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Field trip with Cantaloupe

I had volunteered for the field trip last week. The kids were first taken a Monarch butterfly garden and then they got to enjoy in the adjacent beach.

After a guided tour of the butterfly garden for about 90 mins, the tour guide asked, "Kids, how do you feel after seeing so many butterflies?"
Kid 1: Hungry
Kid 2: Tired
Kid 3: Sleepy
Kid 4: Happy (a smile on the guide's face)
Cantaloupe : Sad

Me : Uh ???
Cantaloupe: Because I want to be a butterfly ... I can fly around

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

This and that ...

Ever since I have read Zen Shorts ... Cantaloupe and I, both are relating every day events to the story.
No prizes for guessing the book she picked in the school library ... Zen Ties !!!!
Stillwater, you have found two loyalists here !!

In other news, nephew turned two ! The little fellow whom I nick named for his long head at birth is already two and plays pranks on me.

Junior hums ... sings to herself these days. And the sequence is set .. Polly put the kettle, Little Jack Horner, .... and finally I love you, you love me. (she is Not a Barney fan)

Cantaloupe started badminton classes ... for now extremely pleased with the patient coach. I know my girl likes playing badminton ... but easily gives up. She wants the easy way out ... tries couple of times and thinks she will master the sport in a week. I think these classes are a good beginning for her to learn patience and perseverance.

Debating about Abacus classes .... talked to her teacher at school. The teacher thinks its a good idea to enroll ... I am hesitant, more so because it is 2 hrs class at a stretch. I do know some of my cousins who have benefitted from these classes. (in India)

Oh yes ... Junior thinks she is a Chess champion !! And what does she do with chess pawns ... identifies all the pawns correctly, places the chess board in the right direction and neatly arranges all the pawns. (I am still confused on this part ... should the black square be to my right or left .. and the Queen ... where does she sit ???) Once she has accomplished this task of arranging all 32 pawns, she promptly packs them back.

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