Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Field trip with Cantaloupe

I had volunteered for the field trip last week. The kids were first taken a Monarch butterfly garden and then they got to enjoy in the adjacent beach.

After a guided tour of the butterfly garden for about 90 mins, the tour guide asked, "Kids, how do you feel after seeing so many butterflies?"
Kid 1: Hungry
Kid 2: Tired
Kid 3: Sleepy
Kid 4: Happy (a smile on the guide's face)
Cantaloupe : Sad

Me : Uh ???
Cantaloupe: Because I want to be a butterfly ... I can fly around


Lakshmi said...

:) Sounds good reading their minds ;)

Swaram said...

Variety of answers there. I wud luv being one too ;)

Sands said...

I can so relate to all the sentiments. So varied and yet so logical given the day they just had :)

bitsofchocolate said...

Liked her answer a lot. Kid seems ready to sprout wings and fly !


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