Friday, July 16, 2010

6th year Birthday

Cantaloupe turned 6 today ... yes she is already 6 !!
The previous night BP and I blew exactly 6 princess balloons and tied them all around the house ... so she woke up to some bright colored balloons and background of her parents and grand parents singing the birthday song. She quite enjoyed the attention.

After breakfast, I gave her warm oil massage, (after a long time .... I must do this often... it hardly takes effort and yet I don't do it as much I hope to). After breakfast, I put a new pink silk Salwar my parents got stitched from India. She started complaining about the material being itchy and took it off in less than 10 mins. She was later dressed in another dress again gifted to her by my parents. She looked absolutely lovely.
Based on the suggestion I got on my previous post, I headed to the toy store in the neighborhood with both kids. The girls loved it there. We spent quite some time exploring all the different sections and finally picked a toy. We then headed to buy return gift for my nephew. It took was more than 2 hrs to be back home since our departure and I hardly realised it :) By the time we returned mom had prepared yummy Bisi Bele Bhath and Basundi (sweet) per Cantaloupe's request. All of us enjoyed our lunch ... I must add all of us ate more than our capacity :)

Then Cantaloupe wanted to play with her new Toy set and spent the next 2 hours exploring the toy with me and my dad. Later in the evening we got dressed and headed towards our Party venue. We had debated quite a bit about hosting a party this time for Cantaloupe. Finally BP decided, we should give a try to organised parties much against my policy of "DIY" parties. The chosen venue was The Jungle. The guest list was very minimal and only 4 family apart from ours was present. All the kids had so much fun jumping, sliding, turning, tossing , collecting tickets ... though the overall money charged was expensive, it felt like complete Paisa Vasool place :) The pizzas were not great ... but the kids hardly had their mind on pizzas ... they just wanted to have as much fun in the limited time. After the party Cantaloupe thanked us such a wonderful party :)

And now the gifts we bought her (some of them may not appear as gift, they were essentials required, but we convinced Cantaloupe to believe they were gifts)
1. Magnetic White board with marker pen. (gift from ajja / ajji)
2. Bath robe (she had been requesting this for almost 3 months now)
3. The building Toy set
4. New clothes
5. New swimming glasses
6. New coloring set.

6 gifts for her 6th birthday !!

Apart from these, my sister gifted her a Princess Comforter and pair of clothes. She also got a backpack, dress and Chess board as gifts from friends among other things.

Later in the night, she crawled up to on our bed and confessed she loved all her gifts and felt very very special, thanks to us organising a wonderful party.

I am so glad you had fun my child .... May God bless you.


starry eyed said...

Happy birthday Cantaloupe, what a sweet loving child you are. Really loved the way she thanked you! And that oil massage is such a good idea, I miss it too, except for the Diwali one! And 6 gifts is also spot on! Hugs to the birthday mom too :)

Swaram said...

Happy Birthday Cantaloupe. The party sounds like a lot of fun :)
Nice choice of gifts :)

Shankari said...

Happy Birthday Cantaloupe. Of all the things, CA, am sure she will remember the oil massage for many many years to come :)

Hope she has many many more such wonderful birthdays with friends and family. God Bless!

Lakshmi said...

Happy 6th Cantaloupe. Great choice to give 6 gifts. What a lovely party.

The Print Lover said...

Happy 6th, Canteloupe! You wanted a bathrobe? How cute!!

Sands said...

Happy b'day Cantaloupe. Looks like you had a blast. I love your toy building set :)

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

@Starry: The oil massage was as much soothing for me as for the kids .... I thoroughly enjoyed giving them the massage. :)

@Swaru: Thanks for the wishes ...

@Shankari: Thank you. My usually non coperative kids are so very co-operative when it comes to massages .. they turn into Angels :)

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

@Lakshmi: Welcome back .. I hope you have found a convenient rhythm in you new settings :)

@TPL: Oh .. may I just add a "Pink Bath robe" to be very particular about her request :)

@Sands: I simply loved the Toy set too ... my BIL was busy playing with it building "Benzene Ring" ... so its equally interesting for the Adults :)

Rohini said...

Happy happy birthday to Cantaloupe. Six sound all grown-up :)

Average Jane said...

A very happy birthday to CuteCantaloupe. :) Hope she is enjoying her gifts.

ChoxBox said...

Belated Happy Birthday Cantaloupe!


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