Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Teacher's Appreciation week

This week is Teacher's Appreciation week in Cantaloupes' school. The theme is Winter Olympics. PTO has come up with different ideas for each day of the week appreciating the teachers. Like flowers on one day (in red, blue or white), books, thank you notes etc. I am all kicked about this but sadly Cantaloupe is not showing as much interest. She has always maintained that her teacher is good but other Kindergarten teachers are better ... one particular teacher she adores because the said teacher has lovely hair :) Go figure her reasoning ..

Anyways, Cantaloupe teacher is good ... but not great. She is good with teaching ... but I think a teacher should act like a motivator ... a supporter in needy times .. clearly this teacher isn't. There is complete professionalism in her approach.. but the personal touch is missing. And I think thats a big factor as to why Cantaloupe is not so much enthusiastic about this week. Its not like she doesn't want to write a thank you card and decorate ... but she is doing it just for the sake. I have nudged her sometimes to do it with more enthusiasm but don't see much results.
Growing up I was very popular with the teachers ... you know teacher's pet student who followed every bit of their instruction .... quietly sat in the class and never troubled them .... enthusiastically participated in all activities be it singing, dancing or art or science projects. I was am almost ideal student a teacher could ask for. And I loved ALL my teachers and respected them tremendously.

And its hard for me to not see the same enthusiasm I once had for my teachers missing in Cantaloupe.
Tell me .... did you love ALL your teachers ? Would you actively take up in their appreciation ?


Average Jane said...

Loved some. Did not like some others that much, especially the ones who had picked their favorites in the class.

I have seen this in other kindergartners / first graders (although my sample set is of the order of 5-6 kids). They seem to like their kindergarten teachers more.

The Print Lover said...

I loved some of my teachers, was ok with many and hated a few. A teacher should be the kind who would motivate you to work hard at the subject just so to impress her :)

LOL about the teacher with lovely hair. I was super attracted to our French Miss who looked lovely, had travelled the world and wore eclectic sarees. And I was not even enrolled in French classes :)

What class is Cantaloupe in?

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

@AJ: Of course ... I had my favourites ... but I'd still show some interest in doing something for all MY teachers .... not so with my girl. She will put her heart and soul and do something for only those she thinks is worth it !

@Sands: LOL on your french teacher attraction ! She is Kindergarten and loves other class teachers :)

starry eyed said...

Same as TPL.

There were some I still remember, because I liked them, I liked the subject more! Isn't it amazing how a teacher has that much power...the more she involves herself personally, the more the students love the subject?

I think it's ok for a kid not to like some of her teachers, and that translates into a lack of enthusiasm in showing apreciation/gratitude. Div has had lukewarm feelings towards a couple of teachers, and I left it alone, they have to learn that they will not like all the people they come across in life...and how to deal with that dislike/disinterest.

Swaram said...

Oh u said it .. the personal touch is so important. And I ws just like u .. so much so that when the teachers would make the entire class stand, they wud ask me to sit down saying I wud hv done nothing wrong ;) ;) I think they were very supportive and encouraging and I am in touch with them even nw .. they even made it to my wedding :)

Hope she feels comfortable soon :)
Nice idea that one though .. loved it :)

Sands said...

And now the real sands comment ;) Growing up I had my own choice of favorites with teachers but the student teacher relationship in India was very different then compared to what it is here now. We had respect and fear and kids here almost always seem to look for that personal touch to like the teacher.

I usually go by the vibes I get from the kids on how excited they are about the teacher. The enthusiasm always creeps in when it comes to the one they like. If not this year's teacher she will like the next one better and eat your brains to go all out on this day ;)

Guddi said...

We had a great understanding.. my teachers and me. I didn't like them and they didn't like me.. simple..stayed out of each others hair. I did my work on time but no card/flower business..boyfriend thodi hai..! :)

Anonymous said...
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Mama - Mia said...

i can count on my hands how many teachers i liked. defi didnt like all of them!

Lakshmi said...

I had some teachers whom I can never forget, who actually made a great impact in how I grew up. But then there are others whose names are not even in my memory.

Lakshmi said...

I had some teachers whom I can never forget, who actually made a great impact in how I grew up. But then there are others whose names are not even in my memory.


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