Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Akka - Tangi relationship


Kids grow fast .... Few developments I'd like to capture for my future reference :)

* Only few days back I remember showing Junior flowers ... birds ... trees trying to explain concept of different colors and now she is a full fledged color enthusiastic. Anything and everything will identified by its color. She can identify and call out Geen, Boooo, ellow, puple, lack, ite, own ... then there are other colors she identifies but cannot call out like Red, Orange, Pink and will fall into the "Tada" category. (in case you didn't follow the colors were green, blue, yellow, purple, black, white and brown)

* She is a number girl :) Anytime she hears a familiar number she will start counting from there. Picture this ... during the thanksgiving week, we were sharing some jokes when someone said "That was a good one" and my little one started counting Two, three, four, five ...
And then the other day my sister said three more days and it will be thanksgiving ... of course Junior started out four, five, six
Its kinda cute. She can count upto fourteen ... why fourteen ... because she refuses to say anything beyond that no matter what we try to do. She has a mind of her own. Once she says fourteen ... she refuses to listen to anything we say and just smiles and says "Clap clap clap". The numbers one to ten were taught by BP and rest four by her akka. BP took about a week to train her and I think it took about 10 mins for akka to get those four numbers ... so you now know now much she follows her akka.

* Akka is God to her .... period. No questions further. No matter what akka does, she follows her like a puppy. Akka does a somersault and Junior is not far behind ... akka tries skipping and the next thing you know Junior is playing with the skipping rope. Heck ... when akka is doing her homework, we give the Doodle slate to Junior and she is busy scribbling something.

* Junior got her 18months shot last week and it was not a pleasant experience. The moment she saw the nurse, she started bawling ... (the nurse is not really kid friendly ,,, I can tell you that ... but how did Junior figure that out just looking at her ... I am not sure) She got 4 shots and all the while she called out akkaaaaaa.... akkkaaaaaa . That was something I had never seen in any kid. I have seen kids calling out their moms and dads ... like ammmmmma ... and appppaaaaa while crying ... akka was something new to me. And when I returned home mentioned about the shots to akka, she jumped right next to Junior and started massaging her thighs ... sibling love at its best I tell you.

* Of course, for everything now, Junior wants Akka for company. Give her break fast and akka has to sit with her on the dining table and eat with her. Give her a lollypop ... she immediately asks one for akka.

I have already mentioned about her wanting akka beside her when she goes to bed. I am just loving this phase. Pray it lasts for many many many more years.


Timepass said...

Nice to read abt the loving relationship between the sisters and touchwood it will stay on like this..

G said...

This is really a drishti post CA.
:) I kinda shared a similar bond with my sister.

Pixie said...

Touchwood CA!
After a while, once they start fighting, you need these memories for comfort!! :D :D

Serioslu though, enjoy as long as it lasts! We sisters are known for getting into fights as we grow up and again, magically, we become best friends again! :)
So, yes, its a special relationship :)

starry eyed said...

Yeah, we have the Akka-worship around here too! He calls for dad first, if not dad, then next best is Akka. I come last:(

The bad part is, we're always on Akka's case, since what she does good or bad is imitated promptly by Dhruv. Poor kid, she's under too much pressure, this role-model/worship stuff is stressful!

Kaala tikka!

Swaram said...

Lovely title .. lovely lovely post :)

'That ws a gud one' - Real fun .. super-cute :)

Ee akka-tangi jodi endendigu heege irali :) God bless them :)

utbtkids said...

Awww, how cute is that!

Sands said...

How sweet. They go thru' that lovely phase. Now my older one insisted the younger one stop calling her akka. But despite all their fights, they absolutely need one another :)

Lakshmi said...

This post is beautiful. Your daughters are cute, nice sisters. Mine have moved to the fighting stage like Pixie commented :)

Junior is super cute counting from one for the thanksgiving joke.

The Print Lover said...

The counting wiz is cute. And bawling for akka during the shots - broke my heart.

May they be each other's best friend all their life!

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

@Timepass: I hope its not just a phase ... and it stays forever ...

@G: How nice ! Me... I don't remember those toddler days ... but as teenagers me and sis were not very close so to say ... but things changed after marriage.

@Pixie: You said it Pixie ... I had the title "Love / Hate Relationship" ... but then got carried away with the mush and listed only the "Love" part.
But there is no denying that no matter how much we fight, its always easier to get close to sisters than anyone else.

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

@Starry: Poor first born ... always under pressure... the first ones are constantly reminded of being good examples.

@Swaram: Thanks Kanri !

@UTBT: The post was to capture the cute part .... there are other hair pulling episodes too ... that would be for another post.

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

@Sands: Yes.. completely agree its a phase .... only I want this phase to continue for ever ... is it asking for too much?

@Lakshmi: See ... the post was about the cute moments ... there are definitely the other moments in this household too :)

Uma said...

That's so sweet! Akka must be basking in all the adulation :)

Nino's Mum said...

Sigh. true sibling revelry... touch wood. I miss it sometime - in the sense that I know Nino will never see its joys.

Poppins said...

Aww aww aww. the sweetest word I have heard from N is Akka. I love love love hearing it, will never get tired of it!

Guddi said...

Mine cries "akka" too, only its followed by "...you stink"!! They hate each other. :-| Every word uttered is pure venom but when we reprimand one, the other has her hand on her shoulders and they walk away together. Crime- partners in the making?

AD said...

Such a lovely post. You know, my sis and I are 4 years apart and are so thick and our husbands have a hard time relating to that :-)
First time here and you have a very cute blog! Do visit my page when you get a chance.

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

@Uma: Akka usually reciprocates the love ... but there are times when she feels forced. For eg: No matter she is sleepy or not, she has to be in bed with her sister ... she obliges most of the times... but there are times she wishes she wasn't in the spotlight :)

@Nino's mom; Indeed it is revelry ... I hope it doesn't turn into sibling rivalry.

@Poppy: Isn't akka the best ever sound these days?? I hated it when my sis called me akka ... and she ended up addressing me by name. My parents missed that pleasure :)

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

@Guddi: LOL ! Indeed siblings are partners in crime ... they gang up against parents and we parents are no match :(

@AD: Thanks ! Husbands have a tough time understanding a lot of things ... lets just leave it at that :) Will visit you :)

K3 said...

Awwww!!! Super duper cute. Hope the bond lasts forever.

Poppins said...

Oh D doesn't like it too - she says I'm D not Akka.

DDmom said...

suthi podufy.. utterly butterly cute..
I miss Dlittle calling her sister titi (didi). Thats's history, now she talks(more like err.. yells.. ) just like me - D, be twith, kool bus is heal (quick, school bus is here).
Mushy moments are still there, a lot in fact, but the hair pulling sessions are so intense that they sort of overshadow.. And they are just 5 and 2. sigh!
Enjoy the sibling mush and hope is stays forever.

Mama - Mia said...

touchwood indeed!! ;)

hugs to both the dolls!

AverageJane said...

Cuteness. Drishti tegiri. I'm just back from home where there was drishti tegiyodu happening every day, in fact many times every day.


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