Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Heights of enthusiasm

So Cantaloupe gets a new activity book to work on before going to bed. Its a sticker book, where she needs to find various stickers and paste them on the right shadow ... making sure of the context on the page. (transportation, pre-historic, birds etc etc)
As always with new items bought, she was all excited to work on the same with me. Within 10 mins of us starting the activity she says "Amma, I asked you to look over my job ... not take over !!" (she said "nodu antha helde Madu antha hela lilla")

What can I say .... I still get excited working on a new project ... perhaps a little too much at times :))


Jayashree said...
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mnamma said...

:) That happens to me also sometimes, getting carried away :D But the children do put us back in place - don't they?

Mama - Mia said...

next time buy your own book nd race!! :D


Anonymous said...

yeah CA.. buy your own stickers.
Let the child work in peace.


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