Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Amma is here !!!

Mom arrived here sunday afternoon. Her journey was hasslefree ... touchwood. The flight arrived 45 mins early. It was supposed to land at 12:30pm and we checked the flight status online around 11:30am from home. It showed expected arrival as 11:40am. We have a good 45min drive from home to the airport. So we rushed ... but unfortunately amma had already come out and we missed hugging her as she moved out of customs to the arrival area.

Anyways, it feels great to have her here. Cantaloupe has been talking non stop with her grandma. We decided not to send Cantaloupe to school during the summer break. So she is home and having a great time with me and my mom.

I have been hogging on all the goodies that amma has brought from India. Today we performed a small pooja at home. Dinner promises to be fun with my sister and BIL expected to join us.

I have already been irregular with blogging ... I guess the rate is going to be only slower for the next couple of days. I have a lot of posts to catch up on ... will try to squeeze time in between our gossips :)


~nm said...

Have tonnes of fun!! :D

And then come right back here! :D

Poppins said...

Yay! Have fun. Has your mom got the Shruthi Pettige for Cantaloupe?

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

@Thanks nm

@poppins: Yes, she has got the Shruthi pettige ... but we still need the adaptor (voltage converter). So Cantaloupe's reaction is yet to be seen.

Aryan said...

Ahh...good that your MOm has arrived..It is a bliss to be with Mom.

Aryan said... won the game CA

~nm said...

Congratulations Mommy dear! Just heard form Poppins that you had a baby girl!!

Wishing you a quick recovery and hoping to see some pics of the new one with the elder sis!

ddmom said...

Yay!! And baby is here!
A very hearty congratulations! Wishing you a super speedy recovery, lot of snuggling and cuddling with the littlest one.
Hope Cantaloupe is enjoying being the big sister.

Kodi's Mom said...

you are SO SNEAKY, you know that?! we'll deal with taht later - first, CONGRATS, CONGRATS! so very happy for you! a nice pretty sister for Cantaloupe, eh? :) as for keeping us in the dark abt it, you've got to compensate by posting a lot - ok not right away, take rest and then post a lot, ok?!

Aryan said...

This is a news to me...I never thought you were pregnant..Ahhhhh a a news bomb..
Anyway congrats dear..I am sure she will be as cute and Cantaoloupe..

B o o said...

When I was wondering whether to comment or not, I see friends have already done that. So no harm in me joining in and saying "CONGRATS"!! And now dont be hard on poor Poppins mom, we sort of guessed! ;) Hope alls well with you and the baby. Do write about the baby as soon as you can or do we have to wait until her first birthday!! ;)

Preethi said...

ooh.. have tonnes of fun!!!

Aryan said...

I came to know that you have updated about junior, but there is no way I can see, because of my blogger problem. Need to wait for some more days..
Hope things are fine..Take care and HUGs
Aryan's Mom


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